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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Monday, December 20, 2010

Cave Creek Frontier Town!!!

Just north of Phoenix is the little town of Cave Creek.   It was established in 1870.  Its still small town...rural, with lots of horses around... it tends to be a little more comfortable temperature wise, than Phoenix, due to its lack of too much concrete.   I went there yesterday, and wound up in the midst of a Harley get together, with so many motorcycles, it looked like a showroom floor!!!.......  But, rather than behaving badly, these bikers were well-behaved, and orderly.  Apparently, this happens most weekends there.  Its a good ride, apparently, and there's several places that the riders group and refresh themselves.  Its good business for the town....  My focus, however, was an art fair, where I met up with a woman by the name of Crystal Carol, who makes beautiful paintings of horses, both modern and prehistoric, or primitive Indian style renderings on leather, fur-backed skins.  I was so impressed by the paintings.... Crystal has a gallery called and, you can contact her at, if you would like to buy some of her fantastic art.  I bought a medicine horse painting from her, myself and if I'd had more cash to spend on myself, I'd have loved to buy one of the skins.... I also would have gotten one of the cave dwelling paintings of horses.... just beautiful.... and she usually puts spotted horses in many of her artwork.... and you know me, I can't seem to resist SPOTS!!!!  ... I didn't have my camera with me or I'd show you some of her artwork here.  But cruise her website... You won't be sorry you did!................... 

Monday, December 13, 2010

Phoenix Rising.......

Well...I've been here for about nine weeks now.  I've been trying to learn my way around in least on the west side... north end of the city.  I am gradually learning a little more about how to find my way around in a small area of about 3 streets.  I try to get out and drive around on days I have no work...and scout out the roads that connect to get me places quicker.  I hate the traffic here.  Its a constant battle to get through the sluggish freeway tangles.  I think the city grew larger than their road control plans... there should have been more freeways and not just a few loops.  When an accident happens...which is very frequently... all the traffic comes to a standstill.   And, you can't get off to get anywhere else if you have only one way to get to your destination.  I'm hoping to find a job out on the edges of town... so I miss all the traffic and concrete.  And, where I will be able to stable Comanche' and get to her quickly.  So, say prayers I find this....  I've been working hospice lately, and have met some really nice people... but, I am still searching for a permanent place to work...and hopefully, on a dayshift.  I am so not a night person.... but at the moment... I have to grit my teeth and try to stay awake all night.  I makes my head ache!!!........  My Comanche' girl has been being very good for Goody, our barn lady.  She tells me that Comanche' talks to her everyday.... LOL... she's trying to talk her into more peppermints, no doubt..!...

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Missing my Comanche'

Well...its been a long 7 weeks... I miss my horsey girl...  I haven't had the time to drive back to even visit yet.  My work has been too off and know I could have a few days to do my trip.  I'm trying to get my permanent job situation set up first, and then have Comanche' brought over by a transporter.  This is not a good time to be hunting for work, unfortunately, with the holidays coming up.  But, I'm hoping I can find something very soon.  My temp work is not enough since so many hospitals are organizing their own float pools.  That cuts down on the agency work available for outside nurses.  And, you have to know how to do the computer charting.  The one day class is NOT sufficient for learning all you need to know, either.  They don't tell you the shortcuts, nor exactly what you have to do to keep everything flowing well. I just do my best... and pray a lot!  So, in the meantime... I've been visiting other people's horses when I get the chance.  I'm kind of  craving the smell of sweet hay.... you know what I mean?????

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Festival of Horses!!!

Last Saturday, I attended the annual "FESTIVAL OF HORSES".... in Queen Creek, Arizona, at their new Horse Park.  Its a great way to meet new people, make friends and see the latest things in the horse world, and clinicians who have demonstrations with their horses to show how to do this or that, to improve your skills and safety with your animals.  I got to see the cute mini horses with their one person carriages, that did a great routine complete with spins.  I enjoyed  hearing the clinicians, and will remember many ideas they expressed.  I got to talk with some women who have an arabian horse riding group in the Phoenix area, and who go to the local state parks nearby, to ride the desert trails.  When I find my new permanent job, at one of the hospitals in the area, I am hoping to do some of the same.  I just LOVE horse people!!!........  friendly, and helpful only begin to describe them.    Have a great day, and Happy Trails!!!!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Sometimes You're the Windshield, Sometimes You're the Bug!!!

Well, have you ever gotten up one morning, and things  went just so wonderful, that you thought you must be dreaming, or that you are a star in a Disney movie?....  More often than not, have you ever awakened, and realized, that no matter what you did that day, it was going to turn in some mushy jello sort of day?........  Unfortunately, those seem to occur more frequently than the first kind of mornings.   So, what do you do at that point?  Suffer though, or try and force things into being better?....  It sounds kind of pitiful, but, if you CHOOSE your attitude, it may not make things better, in general....but, you may feel as if you can survive at the very least.  And, there's always tomorrow, to hope for............. the Disney channel days.    I've had to decide to use my free time to look around the city I am now residing in....and check out my options.  So far, my life seems to be in a holding pattern for the moment... hopefully, not the circling of the drain, pattern.   But, I'm trying to see this as a way to learn where I want to wind up.  I still am worried about finances.... and I am really missing my Comanche' girl.... but I am searching for work areas I may want to be employed by, and where I can find housing for me and the Kitty Sisters, Sweet Sage, and Sister Sarah... and of course, a close barn near us for Comanche' the Peppermint Queen.   My friend, Gudrun, or Goody, as we call her at the Corrales barn, is making certain that Comanche' gets a peppermint in the morning and one in the afternoon.  This has made Comanche' pay close attention to what Goody is saying... and Goody sees a difference in how Comanche' was prior to peppermint dispersal and now.  LOL.... I'm telling you... if your horse loves peppermint...its worth going to the dollar store for a big bag of that stuff.  Mine will do ANYTHING just for one candy.   I'd load up some pics to here but I'm still trying to get my camera figured out.  I sure go through batteries with this thing..... so, I do have pics...just need to figure out how to post them now.  Happy Trails, Y'all!!!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Welcome to my World!!!

Well..the world has been a little frazzled lately.   I've relocated.  Comanche' is still in New Mexico.  I miss her immensely!.... I've been trying to find my way around my new location and work as much as I could in a nursing agency to get some cash flow going, in order to survive...and save up some money for Comanche' to be brought to me.  I've been so busy I've not  had much time to sleep, much less find an area to settle in here.  But, at the moment, I'm in an extended hotel.  Its a good way to have a roof, a kitchenette.. and TV and internet, while figuring out just what else you need to do.  I'm going out and exploring various spots to see which area of town I am wanting to live and work on a permanent basis .... then of course, that also is dependent on having a boarding barn for my Baby Girl... Now, today... is a recovery day for me.  Yesterday, all that walking around the fair...was kind of rough on this ol' girl.... Ibuprofen is on my list of things to do today!  I'm also set to find a post office somewhere... to send off my board money to Comanche' barn, and my storage for my household goods.  I got here with the bare minimum of things in my SUV.... and believe me... while you can survive without many things....there ARE some things you require!.... I've got some errands to do today...but I'll catch you later!!!........

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Tomorrow is the Big Day!!!

I've been a bit remiss about my blog writing. I have a new digital camera that I'm learning to has 12 pixels...and a zoom!!!.... I think I'm in love with it....once I finally figure out the bells and whistles.  However, it is also my very aggravating Sprint account that has closed my picture cache and they claim..that its not closed... but, hey, I read quite well...and its closed on MY end!!!... and, because of it...they have lost my irreplaceable pics out in cyber space somewhere.  There was some idiot girl who wrote to tell me that its not closed..... and yet...its been saying the same thing to me for several months now... Welcome back!...Your account is closed here to check in as a different user....... NOT what I want to see........ I want to see my pics!!!... that's why I have not posted any pics lately.   I'm trying to work this out...but Sprint is NOT cooperative....    Some would think its necessary to be dumber than dirt to work there....from the all started with a smart aleck tech kid....he closed off my phone AND my pics apparently for a whole afternoon, and now...nobody seems to know how to fix it back...although the phone did finally get turned back on...after several hours...but the pics have been a long ongoing problem... and I want my pics back!!!... How dare they lose my babies Marmie who has been dead now for a year... he was my kitty boy for 15 years... and I sure can't replace his pics....or earlier ones of Comanche'....  I'm going to own Sprint......... before I am done..........    But, the big day to relocate.  Comanche' is kind of upset I'm not going to take her with me right away...but I will arrange for her to be transported very soon... once I know my way around and get a permanent job.  Or permanent as possible these days....  Say prayers for me!!!... I'll write more about the adventure soon!......... Shadow...............

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Reflection.... pays to sit and reflect on your life.   In the midst of the hustle and bustle of daily chores, and the continuance of sometimes lose track of essentials.  I have recently made a new friend, and her father died, suddenly.  He had some health problems...but this was a shock to her, naturally.  It made me realize, that we take the attitude that life will always be the same, and, it is not.  We are constantly in the middle of change, from year to year, month by month, day by day, and moment by moment.   We try to pretend that we plan our lives.... but, in fact, our lives are subject to change... no matter our plans.   Only our Creator is aware of what is truly planned for us.     My current plan, is to relocate and get more work and income.  I will have to leave my Comanche' girl here until I can get her transported to a new barn.  She is not happy about this plan of mine.  I told her about it the other day.... she gave me a look....something short of resentment...but a look that told me she was not pleased.  Then, she turned and walked away, just enough to let me know...that she wanted her backside... the southbound side, of a northbound show.   She may not speak out loud, but she speaks with real specific meaning.   I definitely got her idea.   I promised that the barn ladies would make sure she got a few peppermints, until I would have her transported to me.  That hardly even turned her eyelashes.... So, my to get her to me asap.....and leave my household goods and things, until after she is reunited with me.   Now, doesn't that sound just like a horse person????

Saturday, September 25, 2010

I have too much to do!!

I've been attempting to get everything moved for the past two weeks .... Its all going into storage, and then, I'm planning on leaving the land of entrapment... I mean, enchantment?   well, lately, that is what it has been, entrapment.  I've loved the weather here, because it seldom gets too hot or too cold, for long, at least.  But, I'm tired of all the other things inherent here in the  whole attitude of New Mexico.  It runs on the lines of not what you know, but who you know...not what's right, or fair, or impartial.   So, I'm very tired of it.   I'm going to shake the dust from my shoes and find another spot to ride into the sunset in the evenings.  I'll have to leave Comanche' behind for a short time until I can get settled into a new place and have a chance to find her a good boarding barn.  I'm gonna miss her like crazy.... so, I will have to leave her stable girls some peppermints for the interval....but, I'll try and keep up with this blog in the meantime with other avenues of adventure.  Perhaps we will do a commentary on barns we investigate for her.... Stay tuned!!!.... I just got a great digital camera.... my cell phone pics are a thing of the past!!!..........

Friday, September 17, 2010

Big Move..........

Hi!....... I've been really busy over the past few weeks and haven't had time to do any posts here.  My major problem has been that my phone has been really screwed, my pics I've taken of my horsie girl...and her friends have been lost since 3 phones have messed up in some manner after only a few days.  I think I've got too much electricity or something in my body....that's the only thing I can figure, either that, or its solar flares ...LOL.... whatever.......... anyway....the new that I'm about to relocate........ I've got a chance to go elsewhere and have more opportunities to work...and, believe me... I need to do that to keep the Diva Princess in peppermints...  I will have to leave her here, at her really super barn, where Stephanie, the barn owner can take such wonderful care of her... until I get settled and I will then get a transporter to bring my girl to a new barn.  I've already talked to someone that I found online at the new spot.  And she is also a, that helps relieve my mind about having to board somewhere.  I figure if you know how to keep people going, then horses are close behind in care.  I'm hoping to get on at one of the local hospitals and I will be able to get a relocation... that will help out.  How did I get so many boxes of stuff, though???.... Holy cow!  I am going to make my New Year's resolution to SIMPLIFY!!! ...... I'm really tired of carting so much around!...Hopefully, once I get reunited with said stuff.... I will plan on having a big yard sale....or donate to any local charity that can come and take it off my hands!!!      Have a good day, and be safe!....Happy Trails~ !!!   ................... Shadow...and Comanche'....

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Footloose in Chattanooga - Dance Explodes in Front of TN Aquarium

My Hometown...this Labor Day Weekend.... this looks like so much fun!!!..............................

Monday, September 6, 2010

The Winds of Change........are Upon Us!!

Boy, its windy out today...the skies are blue, however...but the dust that blows up stings your eyes and winds up in your mouth... no wonder the old cowboys wore neckerchiefs.... you needed something to keep the dirt out of the mouth...Now, today... I'm just trying to stay inside for the most part.  I've got some chores to do, but Comanche' has been left on her own, down at the stable, along with her horse buddies... and, I'm feeling really guilty she's out in all this dust.  I'm heading out to give her a treat or two... and now, that I have finally figured out how to take pics with my new cellphone, I'll be doing some photos of her and the HorseyGirls...I'll try and get my pics up later tonight or tomorrow.  I'm going to miss summer...... it will be cooler before long, and although I love that...I also really don't like when it gets too cold, either.  Makes me sort of picky, doesn't it?...LOL.... oh well... the weather here, in New Mexico, is really what I like best, about the place.  I loved living in Colorado, for its beauty...but didn't care for snow.  I miss the green of Tennessee where I grew up, but hate the humidity. LOL... its really hard to find the perfect place.  California isn't bad, either, but, its scheduled to drop off into the ocean any day now.  Plus, with the taxes...and all the illegals there... it makes for a bad taste in my mouth, which isn't attributed to the dusty wind.  So.. Arnold can have that all to himself...... !    Happy Trails and catch you on the flip side!!!........... Shadow.............

Friday, August 27, 2010

Hey! There's Gotta Be Carrots in this Hay!!!!

I decided to take my Diva Girl Comanche' some fresh cold carrots today.  She's not seen my face for several days now.  I'd been working from 7am to 730pm...and traveling from 5:00 to get there by 7am... and then reverse in the evening.  Getting home by 9pm left just enough time to feed the Kitty Sisters...and collapse in the bed.  So, I figured she deserved some carrots for being patient with me....  She was just too tickled to see me pull up in my car....eager to see if I had peppermints or carrots or apples.  Curtain Call also galloped up, only to have Comanche' chase her away

Friday, August 20, 2010

I Hope You All Are Having a Great Summer!!!

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I love this one's face!!!

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Here's another One....with his apple trees

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The Horses Of Los Alamos North Mesa Stables

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I'm BACK!!!

Hi Y'all!  I've been trying to get oriented to a new job, which is , unfortunately for me, being oriented on nightshift.  That's really hard on me, as I am definitely not a night person.  I get up early automatically, like about 5:30 or 6am.  So, staying awake at night, much less, thinking, is a really tough thing to do.  Hopefully, I will not be doing this night deal but another couple of shifts....then, its onto days!... that's gonna be a relief!  So, Comanche' has been waiting on me to show up and I've not had much sleep, so, any visits to her have been very short.  She's good to be patient though.   I thought I'd show you some horses I met up with near the new job.  Very sweet ones...liked having their pics made, too....LOL.... I just love horses!!!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

I've been BUSY!!!

Started a new job this past week.  Having problems with my landlady, who apparently thinks its ok for her to come into my house without notifying me.  She's apparently obsessive compulsive to boot.  If your house is your castle...and you have servants to clean, well...good for you!  My housework has to wait until I am around long enough to get it done...and since I've been orienting at night...and believe me...I am NOT a night, I'm totally tired when I get home... so, the dishes have to wait in the dishwasher until I get enough to run them or, I have to have time to wash the ones in the sink that I have used.  I have just signed the lease and she's trying to get herself some big time deposit money.  I do think she  has a racket going here... I called the local police and someone came to talk to me.  He said...."are you late on your house payment..?".... No, I've always paid the rent on time...without fail and I've been a good tenant.   But, when I asked the other day that the well water be tested.... suddenly, here she is, trying to threaten me with eviction.... excuse me?   While she has 1100 dollars of mine?  I am really tired of people thinking that they can rip those of us off, who are not in the position to buy a home, for whatever reason...and are at the mercy of unscrupulous folks....... this is really upsetting and my whole focus needs to be on my new job.  Say prayers y'all!!!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Saturday, July 31, 2010

Toys for your Horses.......

This could be something that will help your horse not be so bored when he's in his corral....  Give him a tough football...that he can pick up and toss... or a big tough basketball that won't break under his teeth.  Or, fix him a container, like a plastic milk carton, that has small holes in the bottom edge, then fill it with molasses, where, once he figures out that there is something in the container, will quickly be licked up as it manages to slowly drip out.  I suggest smearing a bit of molasses on the outside of the carton to get him interested....  the carton can be hung from a rope to make things more of a challenge to get to... this also increases his level of cognitive thinking...and, gives him an entertaining afternoon..............

The Look of the Irish: Acts of Random Kindness

The Look of the Irish: Acts of Random Kindness: " I forget to be kind. It used to come naturally, like blessing myself when I saw an ambulance, but somewhere along the way I fell out of pra..."

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

I Get Suntanned in Summer.....

My Mom, thinks that my Blue eyecoloring around my eyes and my nose is so pretty, in somes on as a sort of fades as soon as the sunlight gets dimmer.... but, it really does look kind of like blue dye on my skin... of course, one of my ancestors was a blue that may have something to do with it...
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Friday, July 23, 2010

Yea!!!!!!!!!! Just for the fun of it....!

Ok... I admit... I'm not sure what to say today..... I have been really busy this past two weeks...trying to get a new job.. interviewing, and just trying to organize myself and my house.  The garage is still full of boxes that I will have to sort thru, and hopefully, not run across a lizard in the midst of it all... involving a LOT of screaming, which may or may not, include someone calling the cops reporting a possible murder.... ( my screams can be LOUD).....  but, I am tickled to say... I have been offered the, that's a relief to know I am going to have income soon.  Comanche' likes to eat, after all, whether I do, or not.  And, peppermints do not always come cheap, either.  But, as Scarlett, (not the Missouri Foxtrotter, but the movie star) would say.."Tomorrow is another day".... and, "I'll worry about that, Tomorrow"..............  Today... I'm going to enjoy a drive to the mountains....and come home to brush Comanche' good... I noticed the other night that she's shedding some... so, I think she'll enjoy a good brushing..............
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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Storm Rising....

Tonight, we had a bit of a storm, with some scattered rain and dark clouds with sharp, bright bolts of lightening.  I was at the barn, giving Comanche' some loving, and some cold carrots, that I thought she'd enjoy since it had been a long, hot day.  Kind of like carrot ice cream, to a horse.  Then, up came the clouds and with all the horses out in the corrals, I figured that our barn girl would need some help getting the horses in before the whole cloudbank let loose.  The wind was kicking up the sand into the air, and it was feeling very gritty in our faces.  The horses were more than ready to get back to their stalls and corrals.  So, I went and got Comanche' first, because I had noticed she'd cut her back leg on the left.  I wanted to clean it and get some spray antibiotic on it before she was put in her corral for the night.  She obviously didn't care for the sting of the saline spray , nor the blue antibiotic spray afterwards...but, after all the dancing around, she finally calmed down and we got it applied. I went and got Scarlett down into her stall, telling her the whole way along the driveway, that she'd best not get ants in her britches... she's big enough to really hurt you if she'd get wild, thank goodness, she listened to me telling her "EASY" the entire time..... I think she was glad to get into her stall and away from the stinging rain and the lightening.  Then, I went and took Curtain Call, who decided she'd stop at the washrack area heading towards the arena, and her corral.  She didn't like the sound of the rain falling hard on the metal roof of the barn, and for some reason, didn't like the green steps that she's passed every morning and evening, that rests against the fence and gate of the arena.  What had changed?  Who knows?  I guess the sound effects were causing her to reconsider what was familiar.  She nearly knocked our barn girl down....sidestepping away from those green plastic steps.  At last, we got everyone into their respective "rooms"... and they had their dinners....  Then, we sat and watched the rain until it stopped..  New Mexico weather....wait 15 minutes....and it will be something else!.....

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Keeping Your Horse From Overheating In Summer....

If you are hot on a summer day of riding, you can be sure to know that your horse is much hotter than you are, making it susceptible to possible colic, and heatstroke... AND, muscle waste.... Due to the horse's internal temperature, and its concentrated salts it loses to perspiration, it can rapidly suffer from electrolyte depletion.  To cool your horse, you should run cool water over his body, and scrape it off, to prevent the water from becoming trapped in his hair, and becoming warm water.  After scraping the water off, follow again with more cool water, and again, scraping the water off.  This will cool horses, in about 10 minutes of water dousing, and scraping, to a less dangerous temperature.  Also, in proportion, to the size of your horse, learn to make an electrolyte solution, starting with small amounts at first, before your horse is really requiring emergency treatment, that he can learn to like the taste, and this can be given to replace his lost fluids, after a hot, dusty ride.  Horses that sweat, if washed off in one spot, lose so much salt, that you can see the white on the ground after it dries.  Just imagine how this can affect the muscles...not only of the horse's legs, but his internal organs like the heart, lungs and liver, and kidneys.  Serious stuff.... protect your horse.... just as you should stay hydrated in hot weather, so should you keep your horse hydrated. 

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Its been HOT!!!

Well... I've got to confess... I've been so hot lately, that I've been indoors with my air conditioning, rather than going to the barn.  I really was trying to get over the very bad sunburn I got 3 weeks ago, on the trailride at Cibola.  Its amazing how a short 30 minute ride in the sunlight gave me such a burn... I do believe it was pretty close to a 3rd degree....deep tissue burn on my neck.  Somehow, even the SPF 50 didn't help there.  So, that's my excuse.  I do love my horse..and so I try to see her in the evenings after its gotten less sunsplashed at the barn.  I drove by one day, and Comanche' was standing in the shade she found along the fenceline.  Even she knows you can get burned standing in the sun!  Bless her heart!   I do feel sorry for the horses... there's not any trees with shade in these parts.  I'm just glad she can find a bit of shade from the bushes that grow along the fenceline.  I've noticed that she gets darker around her eyes and on her nose at her mouth in summer... its beautiful....kind of like a horse..... !   I'm going to try and get a pic of it today.  Too dark last night when I took her carrots and peppermint to her. 

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Body Language #3

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Body Language #2

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Body Language..........

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Hello... I'm Sweet Sage.....

My Mom says that I'm the good kitty girl..... since my kitty sister, Sister Sarah, seems to always be the one who knocks over things, and jumps up onto the counters...and manages to break stuff.... I'm about 18 months old...while Sister is not quite a year old, even though she has now outgrown ME!!! I'm calm and collected, however, while Sister is a
"Calamity Jane" and my mom says..."an accident waiting to happen"....
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Sister Sarah Sweeps.................

I'm trying to help my Mom sweep the carpet in our outdoor living room.... I think I need to taste these yellow things.... just to be sure they are the right ones to use on the carpet.........."humm".... its not too tasty.... I guess it will do, for sweeping..... since its not good enough to eat......... now, if I can figure out how to hold onto the handle of this broom.........................
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Honest, Lord.......

Honest, Lord........ I've tried and tried to be a good kitty............"Yes, I know this is my 6th or 7th life.... its hard to keep track.....I do know you've given me many chances....".... "yes... I need to get it right....".... "OK.............. I realize that I shouldn't have climbed up my Mom's Kiva fireplace....almost knocking off her candlesticks..."...... "and, Yeah... I do not know what possessed me, to jump up on the screens outside...I think it was a moth...or a lizard that I was after....."........ "yes... I know....Mom doesn't want me to do that"...... "yes.... I do know, that chasing Sage, my kitty sister through the house, is naughty....." "but, its soooooo much fun".... "oh..right.... I do manage to knock things over in the process, Lord...."... "I'm so sorry..."............. "yes.... I do know, that I'm lucky my Mom rescued me from being a lost kitty girl.... starving on the streets.....or I could have wound up being coyote dinner..." "and,... I do realize that I'm my Mom and by You".................... "What's that, Lord?"............. " If I'm really, really good.... You'll make sure my Mom will keep me my whole life thru?....."............." Oh, yes, Sir!!!!....... I will try really, really hard"..... " I promise!!! "...... "my Mom, Lord........... she's pretty nice to me and Sage..... we get plenty to eat, and she gives us nice headrubs...and belly rubs.... "..... and, she opens the blinds for us to look out and watch the birds in the courtyard.........."............. "Yes, Lord.... I think Sage and I have it pretty good, right here.....its pretty much Heaven on Earth, Sir.....".................. "we love it...".......... " and our Mom"...... "Thanks, Lord.... I will try to be a good kitty girl....."............................
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Monday, June 28, 2010

And Here's the Cowpokes!!!

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Here's Baby....5 weeks old....

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Here's Momma.................

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YEHAW!!! The Old West is ALIVE!!!

This past week was the annual SASS ..."END OF TRAIL"... get Edgewood, New Mexico.  The weekend was the final send off for this year's competitive shooters...which is what SASS is composed of.... shooters...of old cowboy guns, rifles and gatling guns.... dressed in the finest that 1880's clothing can provide!... Everyone likes to dress up when they are a kid.... but, these folks.... have never quite forgotten the fun of it... They have an annual year end out in Edgewood, at a place called, "Founders Ranch".   Visitors are even encouraged to get into the fun of dressing like folks did in the 1880's, wild west..... I for one... like the idea of pretending for the day... but, I'm really not wanting to be too authentic... ALL those crinolines.... NO THANKS!.... much too hot for an end of June day.... so, my outfit is a bit, shall we say...modified... LOL... but, it was much less uncomfortable than some people endured.  There was so much to see...and do...  There was a stagecoach, pulled by a matched team of sorrel horses...and baby...they could FLY!!!... and, there was an adorable little baby mini horse that was only 5 weeks old...with his momma out on a stroll.. and, there was a cowpoke or two... not to mention, dance hall ladies... and fancy ladies... with beautiful dresses and hats... Next year....plan on a visit...its always in June.... and always great fun!!!...

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Sunday, June 20, 2010

My friend Debbie..and Me....What a fun trailride!!!

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Here's Toby with owner, Liz..and the Leopard App...

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Look at this Beauty....

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What a Pretty Face, Miss Jewel...

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Miss Jewel.....look at those feet!!!

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OH!!!.... I had the best time, yesterday.  I got canceled from the shift I was supposed to work, at 5am....and, my friend, Debbie...had told me the day before, that if I was canceled, that she would be going on a trailride with the New Mexico Carriage Club, to the Cibola state park way up in the Manzano Mountains.... We were WAY past Chilili.... I'd never been that far into the mountains.   I'd never have enough breadcrumbs to find my way back, believe me.   We started out from Edgewood, and just kept driving...and driving.... but finally arrived at this beautiful forested area...  The campground has an area that is for camping with your horses. Corrals, a barbeque grill, and a firepit , with spots for an RV dry camp or tent are provided, and a restroom, although it has no water available since the well ran dry some time ago. But, the area is gorgeous...and other than the signs that you need to watch out for Cougar and Bears...( a bit scary).... there's a stream as well...near the campgrounds.  There are countless areas to ride... and roads lead thru the Cibola in general.  We had several of which was covered, making the hot sun more comfortable. There were outriders on horseback as well as individuals with sulky type carriages.  I had such a great time.  I rode up in a wagon, but rode back on Liz's horse, Toby.....he was just a wonderful horse.  I would have loved to have him as my own. Her husband, Dave, stayed close by, since I was new to riding Toby.  Toby was a trooper, though... I had no problems with him, at all... He was just great!... He liked to trot to stay up with his buddies...and, so, I got to ride a good horse...with wonderful people in this carriage club.  We had a potluck lunch, and some good conversation...... what a great way to spend a day, in a cool forest....oh....and I took lots of pictures...... Toby is the big black horse, with his owner Liz on board, in the bright blue blouse.  We had a wonderful horse, named Jewel...who is a black and white pinto draft, from Espinoza... I loved her too... so pretty ...and there was a roan pulling a small two seater....that made me think of Comanche'.... and I fell in love with a fantastic leopard appaloosa.....He was just gorgeous!!!... Thanks to my friend Debbie for inviting me to spend such a great day with her and her friends!!