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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Its been HOT!!!

Well... I've got to confess... I've been so hot lately, that I've been indoors with my air conditioning, rather than going to the barn.  I really was trying to get over the very bad sunburn I got 3 weeks ago, on the trailride at Cibola.  Its amazing how a short 30 minute ride in the sunlight gave me such a burn... I do believe it was pretty close to a 3rd degree....deep tissue burn on my neck.  Somehow, even the SPF 50 didn't help there.  So, that's my excuse.  I do love my horse..and so I try to see her in the evenings after its gotten less sunsplashed at the barn.  I drove by one day, and Comanche' was standing in the shade she found along the fenceline.  Even she knows you can get burned standing in the sun!  Bless her heart!   I do feel sorry for the horses... there's not any trees with shade in these parts.  I'm just glad she can find a bit of shade from the bushes that grow along the fenceline.  I've noticed that she gets darker around her eyes and on her nose at her mouth in summer... its beautiful....kind of like a horse..... !   I'm going to try and get a pic of it today.  Too dark last night when I took her carrots and peppermint to her. 

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