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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The Grass Is Always Greener!!!!

Hi!   I'm boarding here at Liberty Run Stables, in Portland, Tennessee.  I love the green grass that's so plentiful and tasty to a horsey girl.  I also have a round bale of hay available to munch on.  I now have a friend who is my pasture companion, and she's a black and white paint.  This is a great spot to live, out in the fresh air of the Tennessee countryside.  My mom brings me peppermints and apples, for treats.  It' s a good life.  Nothing tastes as good as green grass!!!   Well......... except maybe peppermints .. and apples...  LOL...

Friday, March 30, 2012


Comanche and I are temporarily separated... she is at a great barn, and I am visiting in Chattanooga, with my aunt..  and will soon be looking for a new job, somewhere around Nashville, I suspect.  Comanche's finally getting some good green grass, and its much better for her than old hay, so, she's a happy girl.  I will be too, once I am finally reunited with her, and I have a place for me and the two Kitty Sisters.  They also are living with a friend of mine, until I have a place for them to run free, rather than stay in a carrier all day.  Just keep us in your thoughts and prayers... its a tough thing to drive across half the country and then have to start a new life.  We are eager to find our spot..and a soft place to land... Rock ON!!!  Happy  Trails!!!  
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Friday, March 9, 2012

The South's Gonna Rise Again!!!

Well......... Comanche' , the Kitty Sisters, Sweet Sage, and Sister Sarah.... and myself, have come to a momentous decision.  We are moving next week, back home to Tennessee.... aka as "God's Country"... although others have claimed that for their area of living... we know our claim came first.  LOL...   Yes... we are heading back to deep green grass, which Comanche' is going to love.... and, the Kitty Sisters,  love all the birds to watch, and the squirrels, that climb the trees... and, I , will love real good sweet ice tea...... something hard to find here in the West, particularly, in New Mexico, and Arizona.    There's some other irons in the fire as well... which may come to light here, as they unfold.  Hopefully, you will stay tuned.  I've not been as regular at blogging for a time...but that may change once we are settled in our future new home.  Comanche' will be going to a new boarding barn, for a time....and finally, be at home in the back pasture of our home, once all the fencing is up.  Really, we are looking forward to a wonderful new life and lots of new experiences.  We will be trailriding, and taking pics for the blog...and of all our new friends and horses.  Just let me have a short time to get my email connections up...and we will have lots to say... and show you..... Happy Trails!!!!      Shadow and Comanche'.... Sister and Sage......

“SOUTHERN THANGS” « The Southern Lady Cooks

“SOUTHERN THANGS” « The Southern Lady Cooks

Monday, January 30, 2012

Waiting for you.....

Our horses spend a lot of time, waiting.  Unless they have a big pasture to be turned out into... where they can cheerfully fill their bellies with the tender green grass they are so fond of consuming, they are doomed to boredom in standing in a stall or a small corral, until you show up to involve them in some activity.  No wonder they look at us, and are glad to have someone pay attention!   They really do need some way to stay active and involved while we are elsewhere.  Toys to keep in their stalls may do the trick.  Find an old basketball they can nose around, or a jollyball that can be picked up.  An old milk carton (plastic) that can be filled with a little molasses, and a pinhole sized hole to drip slowly out, while hung from a roof rafter will make an enticing toy to occupy some time ... as long as it will swing from a sturdy string or rope... and it will give your horse something to do, and reward him when he's able to lick the molasses from the container.   I have attached some pics of waiting horses.... my Peppermint Princess also has to wait for me to show up at the barn she is boarded in... wish I had a better solution, but there's not one at the moment.