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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Hip Hip Hooray!!!!!!!!!!!!! Saturday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Comanche's   coming  on Saturday!!!   I'm already dancing up and down!!!     First, one transporter bailed out on Monday, and I didn't get the message until 2 in the afternoon, since I was at work until almost 8pm that day and Tuesday. I've been frantically trying to find someone to bring her to me before the first of December.   Its not going to happen at this point, but  I am too happy to know she'll be here soon to worry about it now.    I'm going shopping for her a new brush and a new halter and lead rope.  My saddle is still in New Mexico in storage, and my horse trailer is there too.  So, I'll drive over once she's here and settled to get those things.  Soon, we'll be posting new pics of her arrival and her new house... !!!     Now.... off to find that feed store............ and find her a new brush!!

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Comanche's Coming Soon!!!

Finally!....  My babygirl will be here soon.  I'm so excited !   I am still doing my orientation for my new job.  And, I'm still searching for a new place to live closer to the hospital I'll be working for, which is just a few miles from where I will board Comanche'.  So, I'm hoping that the Kitty Sisters and I will be able to locate something that is in the same area as Comanche' so I can stop in and see her on my way t!o and from work.  I've met a few folks there, at the stables.. and they have a lot of barrel racing, team sorting and team penning going on throughout the year.  I think it will be a good place for us to be.  Several of which is covered so it will be cooler in summer to be in shade than in the bright hot sun of summer.  And, there's a lot of trails off road to ride around there, so you don't have to trailer anywhere just to get a little ride , and there's grass turn out pastures available.  She's going to love that!!  Hopefully, she will be picked up in New Mexico on Monday, or Tuesday.  I am just so happy about it!!!  I've missed her so much!...........   Have a great Thanksgiving!..........  Shadow..................