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Friday, April 30, 2010

Hospitality is a Wonderful Thing!!!

I have a friend who lives out near Sadillo Hill area, heading towards Edgewood, New Mexico.  I called her up yesterday, and she was feeling kind of down.  We have both had a lot of disappointments this past year in finding work.  So, I told her... I'll drive out and we will go off to dinner somewhere.   Well, we did just that!!.. had a good time, having a wonderful pizza at the Pizza Barn.  They have kerokee there on Thursday nights...and it was kind of fun, with little kids singing Twinkle Twinkle, and the older kids (at least, the fourty to 60 year olds) singing (???) their version of Shania  love songs, according to Carrie Underwood...  LOL... But, it let us laugh...and stuff ourselves with pepperoni, ham, black olives, mushrooms and green chili for about 18 dollars.   Then, we finally wound up back at her house... fed her three horse childrens.. or chillins as we are sometimes known to call kids of any sort... where I come from in the South.   We about froze our little behinds off , out there in the cold and wind.  Yes... it suddenly came up cold again.  I had to be out in the Cedar Crest area this morning, so she asked if it wouldn't be better to just stay in her guest room for the night as I had to be up so early, and we had spent enough time that Cinderella would have been running home from the ball at that point.  So, I did... She found me some jammies to sleep in and some nice warm covers... and when I woke up this morning, the ground outside the guest room window, was covered in SNOW!!!    I am telling you, now... this is after I had admired her pretty lilacs and forsythia bushes, prior to going out for the pizza yesterday!!!  This weather is totally so weird!!!....  There is a tack "flea market" in Edgewood, N. M. in the morning, which we are planning to go to ... I am hoping I can sell my old light weight Abetta that my trainer once told me I should either get a bigger saddle or a smaller butt.... Thanks a lot there, Ori... LOL....  Maybe someone else will want it... I hope so...  it would make me feel its getting some use... and making someone's day a little  brighter to be able to ride in it....  Have a great tomorrow, Y'all!!!

I've been Waiting here watching for You , ALL DAY!!!!

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Come a little closer....

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I'm Waiting for YOU!!!!

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Thursday, April 29, 2010

If you ever see me............

If you ever see me.... come and say hello!  I love to meet new friends.. and I'd like to make more!  Hi EVERYONE!!!!   
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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Monday, April 26, 2010

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I've been Spotted!!!!

I've been spotted..!!!   Comanche' spotted me, if you will look at the last two pictures...from across the pasture, and started walking towards me, in what I call her "hey, Girl" attitude, sort of walk.... Its just a tiny bit of a hurried ambulation.  LOL...  it means, that when she sees me...she assumes I will have some kind of treat for her.  Being the hungry creature she ALWAYS is.... generally, she's right.  I loved the pics though, which kind of turned out funnier than I expected as she walked up to me and the fence... Look at the last pic I am posting... she winked at me, as if to say... "If I wink at you, will you give me a peppermint???"... LOL... I loved it!!
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Gone with the Wind...................

Well, I'm not Scarlett....although we do have Miss Scarlett, at the barn.  But, I've definitely been feeling "GONE with the Wind".... since it has nearly knocked me down the past few days. Will this ever stop?....  makes me wonder, at the moment.  I'm really itching to try out my new saddle, riding in the round pen and the arena.  But, my contact lenses and the wind do not play well together.  Today, even Comanche' had dirt in her eye.  I can generally get her to stand real still so I can get her eyes wiped off, but, it was really bugging her, and she got tired that I couldn't get the junk out, so she kept walking off... but, I finally got the dirt or eyelash out.  But, she's a lot more patient than most horses would be.  She's smart enough to know I'm trying to make her feel better. She likes to have the crusty dirt washed off her nostrils too, and stands still while I do that for her, almost falling asleep.  LOL... "How do you get your horse to nap?"   Generally, grooming her makes her sleepy, too!  I imagine its like when I go to a beauty salon, and someone washes my hair.  If the stylist is good, they scrub your head and it basically makes me turn into melted relaxes me so much!!! 

Saturday, April 24, 2010


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Scarlett, the enforcer......

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I thought Spring had Sprung!!!!.....(maybe I'm confused?)

Well... we had a few days of really wonderful warm weather.  I finally took my indoor plants out to my screened in room that acts as my outdoor livingroom in warm weather.   But, the past two days have made me reconsider my previous assumptions.  It snowed in the East Mountains the other night.... and it has been chilly and very windy since then, here in the Albuquerque valley.  I felt sorry for the horsie girl..... all that sand blowing around and getting in the eyes.  Not fun.  I went by the barn and saw that the horses were basically standing still with their tails to the wind.   I've spent just a few minutes out in that wind, myself.  Its enough to blow me down!!!  Comanche' weighs a bit more and has a bigger center of gravity than I do, so it hasn't affected her balance.  I will just wait until it gets a little calmer for me to get out and work with her.... but, she loves to see me come up to the fence with treats of apple and carrots. 
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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

I've been Spring Cleaning!!!

Yeah..... its a tough job, and someone has to do it..... unfortunately, that someone is ME!!!.....  I can't even get the Kitty Sisters to dust.  In fact, I've lost some of my dear belongings thanks to Sister Sarah.... I've never seen such a destructive animal in my life.   I don't think she KNOWs how to be graceful!  She likes to jump up on things and turn around, which is not good for inanimate objects in her general vacinity. Off they go, hitting the floor and smashing to smithereens!!!..........  She knows its her fault , too.   Runs and hides out for a bit, til I get over my mad, at her.   Sweet Sage, on the other hand, doesn't seem to do too much of the jumping or destroying of property.  I'm just sorry I didn't think about putting my stuff up before Sister Sarah decided to investigate. 

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Time for Exercise!!!!

I'm planning on getting Comanche' out in the round pen as often as I can.... so she will hopefully put her muscles into good shape before I do much climbing on her.  I figure she needs to have that after lazing around most of the winter.  So, I put her in the round pen the other day, and got some pics of her moving around in circles.  I love how she looks so graceful, even when she tosses her head at me, since I keep making her move, while she would rather eat dead leaves off the bushes surrounding the round pen.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Here's another view of Comanche's new saddle...

Circle Y saddle

My new Saddle....

Well.  I finally got my saddle onto Comanche' and realized that I needed a latigo.  I bought one at the local feed and tack store yesterday evening.  They didn't have the short  billet for the right side, where the girth attaches, so I am going to take the nylon one off my old saddle and the neoprene girth and use that until I can locate a black leather billet to put on there.  I took some pics of the saddle on Comanche', just to see how it fits.  I think she's going to like it just fine. And, I'm sure my behind will fit it better than the 15 inch saddle I have been using.  I really like how it looks.  Isn't Comanche' cute in it???

Friday, April 9, 2010

What are Our Instructions for the Day????

My two kitty girls, Sweet Sage, and Sister Sarah.... seemed to look up as if asking for instructions.  They love to watch the birds out the window, or watch the Dreamcatcher spin in the wind.  I've been trying to get my little courtyard ready to plant flowers once the weather decides to stop surprising us with cold days after some nice warm ones.  I've got some plans to put up a few birdhouses.  I recently saw a great garden decoration that was a humongous birdhouse, at a little antiquey sort of place in Alameda.  It could have been a doghouse, actually, since it was so large.  It truly was just too cute!!!  I'm not much of a builder... my tools consist of a few screwdrivers and a small hammer.  But, I'm good to go for putting up some ready made bird houses and feeders.  The kitty girls try to help, by supervising!

I Thought I SAW a BUNNY Wabbit!!!!

Recently, we had a huge wabbit, running around in the Pasture.  Now, we generally ALWAYS have lots of wabbits..... just hopping around, and trying to munch on the hay the horses may leave behind....and an occasional Jack Wabbit... but, this was the "Harvey" of all wabbits.... or possibly, the "Harveyette" of all wabbits.  All I could think, was.... "DON"T ask for any EGGS!!!".... who knows what this wabbit would have produced!!!...............    Anyhow, I caught a picture of it....  ENJOY!!!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Oh, I am so excited that I have my new saddle.  I had an Abeyta  synthetic saddle that I bought several years ago, but the seat is probably 15 inches.  And as Orie, my trainer told me one day... "you either need to get a bigger saddle or a smaller butt"... LOL... Like I really NEEDED to hear that????..... So, now... I have a bigger saddle ...its a very roomy 17, I think I'll be comfy and since its lightweight, I don't think Comanche' will mind it too much.   I am hoping I can get in some trailrides this coming summer.  I do  have  access to the dirt trails along the canals in Corrales.  They go from one end of Corrales to the other, which is about 7 or 8 miles, plus there are lots of dirt roads that make up the side roads that have homes on them... so there's a lot of places to ride, without being out in traffic.  But, I am hoping that I can manage to get Comanche' down to some of the Socorro trailrides, if things work out.  Edgewood is also close by, within 40 miles, and my friend, Debbie, lives out there.  She has several horses and rides close to home out in some beautiful areas, without having to transport her horses.  I think Lisa, from Laughing Orca Ranch, is not too far away, either.  I'm going to start working Comanche' out  in the round pen, so she'll be conditioned to carry me... and , while I'm at it... I'm going to try and find that smaller butt, that Orie suggested...... (either  that, or find me some duck tape for someone's mouth....LOL).

Yeah!!!! I finally got one Picture up...

Now, all I have to do, is figure out just how I did it!!!.... LOL... I now have Cooliris...Flickr, Sprint pics....and still haven't figured out where my pics I download to my computer are going, so.... I'm lucky to have found this one... just not sure how I got to that point, yet.  But, I persevere!!!....  I'm hoping I can figure it out and put up lots of pics of Comanche' and her friends at the barn.   I have a new synthetic saddle....  Its a Circle Y, black and shiny.  I love it.  Comanche' will look like a fashion plate in it.  She has those wonderful wide black stripes and white hooves... that I call her HIGH fashion feet.  Once she gets all washed up after this cool, and generally muddy weather we have had this winter, its going to look really neat. Her current saddle blanket is tan and black stripes with white.  Its very color coordinated to her own coloring.  She has a black headstall as well.  Me, I'm just in regular jeans. The perpetual deal that the horse gets all the goodies.  Me... I like jeans best.  But I am thinking of getting some black ones to ride in, so I'll match up with her!  LOL...  providing the wind finally stops trying to push us off the map!!!.   I've hardly been able to stand up, outside, some days!!!

I can Drive MOM... I know I can!!!

Monday, April 5, 2010


I read with sorrow in my heart, the post from Ponygirlridesagain... that she is leaving the world of blogging...maybe forever... or at least an indefinite time... She inspired this blog of mine.  I am so sad she's not going to be there to keep up with...  I will truly miss her and her stories and pics!!!....   I am in the meantime, still trying to sort out how to get my current pics back online...  I have a Flickr account...that if I can sort out how to get pics from spot A to spot B.... I will manage to once again, show my Comanche' girl and her kitty sisters to y'all!....   Anyone who knows how to do it....let me know, OK?  send me directions!!!...  I'm am such a computer dork....that's a direct opposite of a computer nerd.   I need instructions!!!... OBVIOUSLY!!!...   At any rate...  I am hoping that Ponygirl will keep in touch with us....  frequently!!!..... Happy Trails, my friend!!!  Thank you for all your thoughts and stories... 

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Is Winter finally OVER??????

Happy Easter!!!!

Here's hoping you have a wonderful day today, with family and friends~~~!!!   I planned on getting out early today, and making it down to the barn after church.  But, so far, I've not got to the barn yet!... I have been carrying around my new Circle Y synthetic saddle that I got  barely used (two or three times) and wanted to put it on Comanche'.  Its been so dusty and windy lately, that I've had to postpone trying it out.   But, I will get to it shortly.  I also have plans to create a fringey fly attachment to her black headstall... maybe put a little beading on it or some kind of bling.  Oh, she's going to look so pretty!!!   I'm still working on my picture transfers.  I've had to reload my Picasa onto my new computer hard drive.  So, I'll see if my pics will load up now.  This has been so frustrating!!!....  I'm wanting to take some classes the library has on occasion, about how to do stuff on the computer.  I'm hoping that will also help me.  I've had to learn things on my own...and once my hard drive died.. it took my usual way to load pics away!!!...  Necessity is the mother of invention they say.... well... I guess its applying to me now!