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Monday, June 28, 2010

And Here's the Cowpokes!!!

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Here's Baby....5 weeks old....

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Here's Momma.................

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YEHAW!!! The Old West is ALIVE!!!

This past week was the annual SASS ..."END OF TRAIL"... get Edgewood, New Mexico.  The weekend was the final send off for this year's competitive shooters...which is what SASS is composed of.... shooters...of old cowboy guns, rifles and gatling guns.... dressed in the finest that 1880's clothing can provide!... Everyone likes to dress up when they are a kid.... but, these folks.... have never quite forgotten the fun of it... They have an annual year end out in Edgewood, at a place called, "Founders Ranch".   Visitors are even encouraged to get into the fun of dressing like folks did in the 1880's, wild west..... I for one... like the idea of pretending for the day... but, I'm really not wanting to be too authentic... ALL those crinolines.... NO THANKS!.... much too hot for an end of June day.... so, my outfit is a bit, shall we say...modified... LOL... but, it was much less uncomfortable than some people endured.  There was so much to see...and do...  There was a stagecoach, pulled by a matched team of sorrel horses...and baby...they could FLY!!!... and, there was an adorable little baby mini horse that was only 5 weeks old...with his momma out on a stroll.. and, there was a cowpoke or two... not to mention, dance hall ladies... and fancy ladies... with beautiful dresses and hats... Next year....plan on a visit...its always in June.... and always great fun!!!...

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Sunday, June 20, 2010

My friend Debbie..and Me....What a fun trailride!!!

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Here's Toby with owner, Liz..and the Leopard App...

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Look at this Beauty....

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What a Pretty Face, Miss Jewel...

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Miss Jewel.....look at those feet!!!

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OH!!!.... I had the best time, yesterday.  I got canceled from the shift I was supposed to work, at 5am....and, my friend, Debbie...had told me the day before, that if I was canceled, that she would be going on a trailride with the New Mexico Carriage Club, to the Cibola state park way up in the Manzano Mountains.... We were WAY past Chilili.... I'd never been that far into the mountains.   I'd never have enough breadcrumbs to find my way back, believe me.   We started out from Edgewood, and just kept driving...and driving.... but finally arrived at this beautiful forested area...  The campground has an area that is for camping with your horses. Corrals, a barbeque grill, and a firepit , with spots for an RV dry camp or tent are provided, and a restroom, although it has no water available since the well ran dry some time ago. But, the area is gorgeous...and other than the signs that you need to watch out for Cougar and Bears...( a bit scary).... there's a stream as well...near the campgrounds.  There are countless areas to ride... and roads lead thru the Cibola in general.  We had several of which was covered, making the hot sun more comfortable. There were outriders on horseback as well as individuals with sulky type carriages.  I had such a great time.  I rode up in a wagon, but rode back on Liz's horse, Toby.....he was just a wonderful horse.  I would have loved to have him as my own. Her husband, Dave, stayed close by, since I was new to riding Toby.  Toby was a trooper, though... I had no problems with him, at all... He was just great!... He liked to trot to stay up with his buddies...and, so, I got to ride a good horse...with wonderful people in this carriage club.  We had a potluck lunch, and some good conversation...... what a great way to spend a day, in a cool forest....oh....and I took lots of pictures...... Toby is the big black horse, with his owner Liz on board, in the bright blue blouse.  We had a wonderful horse, named Jewel...who is a black and white pinto draft, from Espinoza... I loved her too... so pretty ...and there was a roan pulling a small two seater....that made me think of Comanche'.... and I fell in love with a fantastic leopard appaloosa.....He was just gorgeous!!!... Thanks to my friend Debbie for inviting me to spend such a great day with her and her friends!!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

I am a mixture of Cherokee and Irish..with a smattering of English thown in.... so, I will tell you a short story...from the Cherokee.  It is a creation story...of how the Milky Way came to be.....   The Cherokee believed that a great Dog...or Wolf, had been sneaking into the store house each night...and eating the grain placed there.  One night... someone discovered the animal...and, in the flight to flee........the great Dog...leaped into the dark sky of the night.....and left a trail of grain, from his open mouth......and, it became the "Milky Way"...... I kind of like that makes me smile..........................

The Milky Way...someone took this incredible pic

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Monday, June 14, 2010

The Old Guys have a Great View!!!

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Bryan Adams - Here I Am

Got More Whiskers??? This is a Beard!!!

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Got Whiskers???

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Got Whiskers????

I was at the barn yesterday...and one of the geldings came up to visit with me.... I noticed that his "whiskers" were growing very long.  Now, I know that horses use these hairs to let them know where objects are, like a cat does with his whiskers to judge if his head will fit into some spot or not.  You would never trim whiskers on a cat...but, we do on horses, especially people who show.......... so, I ask you.... do you trim your horse of his whiskers or not?........... I got kind of tickled at this gelding's "beard"....its pretty long... if you look at the pics I took, I think you will see just how long it is.... look closely!!!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Wanna Be a Star????

Wanna Be a Star????           Please click onto this and watch our little movie.....

We Decided to Be GirlyGirls for a Spell............

Ok... I have to admit... I loved my blog...but didn't know how to do much as far as decorating it.... I see that other people have these great pics and I have no idea how they got them there.  I am not computer literate.... only barely know how to type in fact.  So, putting a new color already had STRIPES!!!... well, it just popped out to be pink!!!.... I like it...makes me feel like spring has sprung...and Comanche' and I kind of like pink, sometimes... it goes very well with her silver coat... so, we will just enjoy the new view for a bit and see how it goes...... Wish I was able to do all the fancy, smancy stuff I see on other blogs, but, hey.... I'm content with the color for the moment.  Who time it may be another color entirely.   At any rate, .... I am going down to the barn and see my baby girl... she was looking for carrots last night and I didn't have any.  I'm really trying to get time to do some things that make it impossible to be too far from the house, at the moment.  I'll continue stitching on my girl's fly mask... it kind of got sidetracked over the past day or so.  But, in the meantime...she has on her old beaded mask.  That one is beginning to get raggedity.  Just how does it seem to unravel right over her eyes, pray tell?.... All I know, is that if they would ever invent one with clear areas over her eyes... maybe like sunglasses... it would make more sense to me..... imagine trying to see thru those tiny little squares of mesh!!!... it would drive me mad!!!  ............ and, considering I have such a short drive........ LOL....  I hope you all have a great day!!!...

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Horses and Fly Masks.....

Comanche' has a fly mask that I did for her last year, that was embellished with a crown stitched on with Pony Beads, and an edging of beads along the top and bottom of the mask.  Now, I'm not sure how or why ....but, most of the beads seem to have been chomped upon ...not by Comanche'........seeing as though that would be hard for her to reach them, as the mask was on her face.... so, this year, I have decided to get her a less intensive sort of decorated mask.  Yes, she IS a diva....and therefore expects a special mask.... so the other horses know she's entitled.   This year's mask is golden netting... not silver.... I wanted this to kind of stand out so it will on top of her silver face.   It has black felt edges....right out of the box.  But.... I have figured that the flies drive her crazy around her nose and, I bought some heavy black fringe from the fabric shop...and I am going to sew it along the bottom of the mask, so it will shake and hopefully make the flies stay away from those sensitive areas.  I also went with the covered ears sort of mask this year. Those little midgie flies want to bother her ears....I don't think she will mind her ears covered.  I will finish it and take a pic.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Ever Get the Munchies???

I feel sorry for our horses here in New Mexico.  Most of them do not have access to fresh grass.  The environment is just not made that way.  The closest thing to having grass to munch is the sagebrush that grows in abundance.  Especially in my courtyard.  Right now, its nice and tender and green.  I'm planning on pulling it up...since it can outgrow my spurts of energy in pulling it.... and I think I will take it to Comanche'..  She loves the almost dead version that surrounds the big dirt pasture where she spends her days, hanging out with the other horses... she waits for me to show up with carrots and apples and, naturally, her favorite, peppermints... But, I think I'll give her something new to look forward to...fresh sagebrush... I bet she'll love it.... !


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I Just Want a Taste!!!

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