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Monday, October 25, 2010

Welcome to my World!!!

Well..the world has been a little frazzled lately.   I've relocated.  Comanche' is still in New Mexico.  I miss her immensely!.... I've been trying to find my way around my new location and work as much as I could in a nursing agency to get some cash flow going, in order to survive...and save up some money for Comanche' to be brought to me.  I've been so busy I've not  had much time to sleep, much less find an area to settle in here.  But, at the moment, I'm in an extended hotel.  Its a good way to have a roof, a kitchenette.. and TV and internet, while figuring out just what else you need to do.  I'm going out and exploring various spots to see which area of town I am wanting to live and work on a permanent basis .... then of course, that also is dependent on having a boarding barn for my Baby Girl... Now, today... is a recovery day for me.  Yesterday, all that walking around the fair...was kind of rough on this ol' girl.... Ibuprofen is on my list of things to do today!  I'm also set to find a post office somewhere... to send off my board money to Comanche' barn, and my storage for my household goods.  I got here with the bare minimum of things in my SUV.... and believe me... while you can survive without many things....there ARE some things you require!.... I've got some errands to do today...but I'll catch you later!!!........

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Tomorrow is the Big Day!!!

I've been a bit remiss about my blog writing. I have a new digital camera that I'm learning to has 12 pixels...and a zoom!!!.... I think I'm in love with it....once I finally figure out the bells and whistles.  However, it is also my very aggravating Sprint account that has closed my picture cache and they claim..that its not closed... but, hey, I read quite well...and its closed on MY end!!!... and, because of it...they have lost my irreplaceable pics out in cyber space somewhere.  There was some idiot girl who wrote to tell me that its not closed..... and yet...its been saying the same thing to me for several months now... Welcome back!...Your account is closed here to check in as a different user....... NOT what I want to see........ I want to see my pics!!!... that's why I have not posted any pics lately.   I'm trying to work this out...but Sprint is NOT cooperative....    Some would think its necessary to be dumber than dirt to work there....from the all started with a smart aleck tech kid....he closed off my phone AND my pics apparently for a whole afternoon, and now...nobody seems to know how to fix it back...although the phone did finally get turned back on...after several hours...but the pics have been a long ongoing problem... and I want my pics back!!!... How dare they lose my babies Marmie who has been dead now for a year... he was my kitty boy for 15 years... and I sure can't replace his pics....or earlier ones of Comanche'....  I'm going to own Sprint......... before I am done..........    But, the big day to relocate.  Comanche' is kind of upset I'm not going to take her with me right away...but I will arrange for her to be transported very soon... once I know my way around and get a permanent job.  Or permanent as possible these days....  Say prayers for me!!!... I'll write more about the adventure soon!......... Shadow...............

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Reflection.... pays to sit and reflect on your life.   In the midst of the hustle and bustle of daily chores, and the continuance of sometimes lose track of essentials.  I have recently made a new friend, and her father died, suddenly.  He had some health problems...but this was a shock to her, naturally.  It made me realize, that we take the attitude that life will always be the same, and, it is not.  We are constantly in the middle of change, from year to year, month by month, day by day, and moment by moment.   We try to pretend that we plan our lives.... but, in fact, our lives are subject to change... no matter our plans.   Only our Creator is aware of what is truly planned for us.     My current plan, is to relocate and get more work and income.  I will have to leave my Comanche' girl here until I can get her transported to a new barn.  She is not happy about this plan of mine.  I told her about it the other day.... she gave me a look....something short of resentment...but a look that told me she was not pleased.  Then, she turned and walked away, just enough to let me know...that she wanted her backside... the southbound side, of a northbound show.   She may not speak out loud, but she speaks with real specific meaning.   I definitely got her idea.   I promised that the barn ladies would make sure she got a few peppermints, until I would have her transported to me.  That hardly even turned her eyelashes.... So, my to get her to me asap.....and leave my household goods and things, until after she is reunited with me.   Now, doesn't that sound just like a horse person????