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Thursday, August 12, 2010

I've been BUSY!!!

Started a new job this past week.  Having problems with my landlady, who apparently thinks its ok for her to come into my house without notifying me.  She's apparently obsessive compulsive to boot.  If your house is your castle...and you have servants to clean, well...good for you!  My housework has to wait until I am around long enough to get it done...and since I've been orienting at night...and believe me...I am NOT a night, I'm totally tired when I get home... so, the dishes have to wait in the dishwasher until I get enough to run them or, I have to have time to wash the ones in the sink that I have used.  I have just signed the lease and she's trying to get herself some big time deposit money.  I do think she  has a racket going here... I called the local police and someone came to talk to me.  He said...."are you late on your house payment..?".... No, I've always paid the rent on time...without fail and I've been a good tenant.   But, when I asked the other day that the well water be tested.... suddenly, here she is, trying to threaten me with eviction.... excuse me?   While she has 1100 dollars of mine?  I am really tired of people thinking that they can rip those of us off, who are not in the position to buy a home, for whatever reason...and are at the mercy of unscrupulous folks....... this is really upsetting and my whole focus needs to be on my new job.  Say prayers y'all!!!

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