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Sunday, June 20, 2010


OH!!!.... I had the best time, yesterday.  I got canceled from the shift I was supposed to work, at 5am....and, my friend, Debbie...had told me the day before, that if I was canceled, that she would be going on a trailride with the New Mexico Carriage Club, to the Cibola state park way up in the Manzano Mountains.... We were WAY past Chilili.... I'd never been that far into the mountains.   I'd never have enough breadcrumbs to find my way back, believe me.   We started out from Edgewood, and just kept driving...and driving.... but finally arrived at this beautiful forested area...  The campground has an area that is for camping with your horses. Corrals, a barbeque grill, and a firepit , with spots for an RV dry camp or tent are provided, and a restroom, although it has no water available since the well ran dry some time ago. But, the area is gorgeous...and other than the signs that you need to watch out for Cougar and Bears...( a bit scary).... there's a stream as well...near the campgrounds.  There are countless areas to ride... and roads lead thru the Cibola in general.  We had several of which was covered, making the hot sun more comfortable. There were outriders on horseback as well as individuals with sulky type carriages.  I had such a great time.  I rode up in a wagon, but rode back on Liz's horse, Toby.....he was just a wonderful horse.  I would have loved to have him as my own. Her husband, Dave, stayed close by, since I was new to riding Toby.  Toby was a trooper, though... I had no problems with him, at all... He was just great!... He liked to trot to stay up with his buddies...and, so, I got to ride a good horse...with wonderful people in this carriage club.  We had a potluck lunch, and some good conversation...... what a great way to spend a day, in a cool forest....oh....and I took lots of pictures...... Toby is the big black horse, with his owner Liz on board, in the bright blue blouse.  We had a wonderful horse, named Jewel...who is a black and white pinto draft, from Espinoza... I loved her too... so pretty ...and there was a roan pulling a small two seater....that made me think of Comanche'.... and I fell in love with a fantastic leopard appaloosa.....He was just gorgeous!!!... Thanks to my friend Debbie for inviting me to spend such a great day with her and her friends!!

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