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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Storm Rising....

Tonight, we had a bit of a storm, with some scattered rain and dark clouds with sharp, bright bolts of lightening.  I was at the barn, giving Comanche' some loving, and some cold carrots, that I thought she'd enjoy since it had been a long, hot day.  Kind of like carrot ice cream, to a horse.  Then, up came the clouds and with all the horses out in the corrals, I figured that our barn girl would need some help getting the horses in before the whole cloudbank let loose.  The wind was kicking up the sand into the air, and it was feeling very gritty in our faces.  The horses were more than ready to get back to their stalls and corrals.  So, I went and got Comanche' first, because I had noticed she'd cut her back leg on the left.  I wanted to clean it and get some spray antibiotic on it before she was put in her corral for the night.  She obviously didn't care for the sting of the saline spray , nor the blue antibiotic spray afterwards...but, after all the dancing around, she finally calmed down and we got it applied. I went and got Scarlett down into her stall, telling her the whole way along the driveway, that she'd best not get ants in her britches... she's big enough to really hurt you if she'd get wild, thank goodness, she listened to me telling her "EASY" the entire time..... I think she was glad to get into her stall and away from the stinging rain and the lightening.  Then, I went and took Curtain Call, who decided she'd stop at the washrack area heading towards the arena, and her corral.  She didn't like the sound of the rain falling hard on the metal roof of the barn, and for some reason, didn't like the green steps that she's passed every morning and evening, that rests against the fence and gate of the arena.  What had changed?  Who knows?  I guess the sound effects were causing her to reconsider what was familiar.  She nearly knocked our barn girl down....sidestepping away from those green plastic steps.  At last, we got everyone into their respective "rooms"... and they had their dinners....  Then, we sat and watched the rain until it stopped..  New Mexico weather....wait 15 minutes....and it will be something else!.....

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