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Monday, December 20, 2010

Cave Creek Frontier Town!!!

Just north of Phoenix is the little town of Cave Creek.   It was established in 1870.  Its still small town...rural, with lots of horses around... it tends to be a little more comfortable temperature wise, than Phoenix, due to its lack of too much concrete.   I went there yesterday, and wound up in the midst of a Harley get together, with so many motorcycles, it looked like a showroom floor!!!.......  But, rather than behaving badly, these bikers were well-behaved, and orderly.  Apparently, this happens most weekends there.  Its a good ride, apparently, and there's several places that the riders group and refresh themselves.  Its good business for the town....  My focus, however, was an art fair, where I met up with a woman by the name of Crystal Carol, who makes beautiful paintings of horses, both modern and prehistoric, or primitive Indian style renderings on leather, fur-backed skins.  I was so impressed by the paintings.... Crystal has a gallery called and, you can contact her at, if you would like to buy some of her fantastic art.  I bought a medicine horse painting from her, myself and if I'd had more cash to spend on myself, I'd have loved to buy one of the skins.... I also would have gotten one of the cave dwelling paintings of horses.... just beautiful.... and she usually puts spotted horses in many of her artwork.... and you know me, I can't seem to resist SPOTS!!!!  ... I didn't have my camera with me or I'd show you some of her artwork here.  But cruise her website... You won't be sorry you did!................... 

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