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Saturday, September 25, 2010

I have too much to do!!

I've been attempting to get everything moved for the past two weeks .... Its all going into storage, and then, I'm planning on leaving the land of entrapment... I mean, enchantment?   well, lately, that is what it has been, entrapment.  I've loved the weather here, because it seldom gets too hot or too cold, for long, at least.  But, I'm tired of all the other things inherent here in the  whole attitude of New Mexico.  It runs on the lines of not what you know, but who you know...not what's right, or fair, or impartial.   So, I'm very tired of it.   I'm going to shake the dust from my shoes and find another spot to ride into the sunset in the evenings.  I'll have to leave Comanche' behind for a short time until I can get settled into a new place and have a chance to find her a good boarding barn.  I'm gonna miss her like crazy.... so, I will have to leave her stable girls some peppermints for the interval....but, I'll try and keep up with this blog in the meantime with other avenues of adventure.  Perhaps we will do a commentary on barns we investigate for her.... Stay tuned!!!.... I just got a great digital camera.... my cell phone pics are a thing of the past!!!..........

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