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Monday, October 25, 2010

Welcome to my World!!!

Well..the world has been a little frazzled lately.   I've relocated.  Comanche' is still in New Mexico.  I miss her immensely!.... I've been trying to find my way around my new location and work as much as I could in a nursing agency to get some cash flow going, in order to survive...and save up some money for Comanche' to be brought to me.  I've been so busy I've not  had much time to sleep, much less find an area to settle in here.  But, at the moment, I'm in an extended hotel.  Its a good way to have a roof, a kitchenette.. and TV and internet, while figuring out just what else you need to do.  I'm going out and exploring various spots to see which area of town I am wanting to live and work on a permanent basis .... then of course, that also is dependent on having a boarding barn for my Baby Girl... Now, today... is a recovery day for me.  Yesterday, all that walking around the fair...was kind of rough on this ol' girl.... Ibuprofen is on my list of things to do today!  I'm also set to find a post office somewhere... to send off my board money to Comanche' barn, and my storage for my household goods.  I got here with the bare minimum of things in my SUV.... and believe me... while you can survive without many things....there ARE some things you require!.... I've got some errands to do today...but I'll catch you later!!!........

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  1. Welcome to your world??? Where is your new world? Yikes! A lot has been happening with you lately. Wow! Why have you moved? I feel kind of bummed that we never got the chance to meet up while you we're in New Mexico. I hope you're doing well and will soon be able to have your lovely mare with you....wherever you are! :D