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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Its a beautiful blue sky day!!!

Well... when I went to bed last night, I was pretty sure that it wasn't going to snow, no matter what it had done earlier in the day. Here in New Mexico, they have a saying of "wait 15 minutes, and the weather will change"... which, truly seems to do that on occasion.  So, imagine my surprise, when I got up to open my wooden blinds and my back courtyard was covered with a light snow!!!... It sat along the tops of the adobe brick walls that create the boundaries of my back garden from the rest of the property.  There was a delicate layer on the bare limbs of the trees outside the courtyard wall, and the ledges of my windows.  The decorative rocks that lay about the courtyard were white marshmellows in the early dawn....  Just enough to say that it had snowed...but not enough to slow me down.  Now, that's my kind of snow.  LOL... Hey, I wasn't born in the South for nothing, Honey.... God knew what He was doing, when he parked me in the South of relatively little snow, for most of my life!!!...  I lived in Idaho for a winter, some years ago, and believe me... I was not a happy camper to have to pump gasoline into my car in all that fluffy stuff...and, especially disconcerting, was settling back into the car seat, only to realize that some of the snow had gotten into my seat, and melted (!!!).  Oh... I was just not happy with that!... Having a wet behind, was not my best way to start the day!....   But, I was entertaining...  I carried a bright neon green feather duster to get the snow off my windshield....  LOL.... Hey, we Southern girls know how to do things with STYLE!!!....   The snow there was very light powder... probably wouldn't work here in New Mexico, but it did in Idaho...  Have a great day, Y'all!!!!... Comanche' sends her best wishes!!!....  

Monday, February 22, 2010

Getting your feet trimmed.....

I mean, HOOFs  trimmed.... yes, I know that's a grammatical error..... Ponygirl would notice it right away.... but, seriously, "hooves" make me think of cows....not horses... so, there you have it.  The farrier came out recently. His price for trims has gone up... the economy is going the wrong way for me... Obviously, he is trying to make up for his time and gas expenses, so I can't really blame him. All in all, with the prices of things going up, and most of us, with downward sliding incomes... it really scares the daylights out of me.... Being single is hard enough, without added expenses on an already stretched to the last sou (that's fancy french for a penny)....  I am terrified I won't be able to keep up with it all, much less afford my animals.  Surely, there will be an end to this someday, sooner than later, I am praying.  Someone sent me a joke today, it said that Obama is honoring George Bush, naming the tetonic plate under Haiti, as Bush's Fault.  LOL... that's funny, and expected ...  I just want a President who does more than read teleprompters ... and attempts to bring us out of this DEPRession...Not recession.... because, I want to be able to buy lots of peppermints for my Comanche' girl.... and some really cool tack for her, for her love of dressing up.... She IS a Diva, after all.....

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Winter is still in the Picture....Drat !!!

Yeah, I'm kind of bummed out right now, especially with the weather.... it just seems its dragging its heels this year and staying cooler than I would like.  The horses do seem to be getting a little lighter in their coats, I suspect that the weather is maybe getting faintly warmer, by such tiny degrees that I cannot sense it, but they do.  I also know, that their bodies run on some sort of light sensing.... which lets their internal systems begin to either grow a winter coat, or lose it.  Our bodies really don't do that, other than people who have some kind of   "SAD" depression created by the lack of vitamin D, in sunlight.  Lately, the doctors who determine what our levels of vitamins , have decided that Vitamin D is even more important to us than previously thought. Our horses also need vitamins, either in the form of food, or as supplements like a salt block or mineral block.  Being outdoors as much as possible in real sunlight is good for all of us, human and horse.  Hope you get started early on your tan this year!!!.....

Monday, February 15, 2010

Better today, than yesterday just takes a little time.  Comanche' seems a bit better today, although, you can see she is very wary of getting near Scarlett, and when I come up to the corral, she stands as close as she can but moves quickly to avoid the Scarlett lady... who wants to come between me and my little girl, always.  Such a jealous one!!... I am not always thrilled by this behavior of Scarlett's. But, she seems to have the attitude, that what Scarlett wants...Scarlett gets....   I just am glad Comanche's eye missed the worst of the hoof.  Just an inch or so more, and she'd have lost the eye, I suspect!...  It is quickly healing, and I'm really glad of that.  She's always been cautious of Scarlett, but its really more obvious today,  by the way she watches to see where big red Scarlett is in the pasture.  I'm grateful for those of you who asked about Comanche' ..... when your animal is hurt, you hurt too!!!... 

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Sometimes You're the Windshield, and Sometimes You are the Bug!!!

Well.. I went by to see my little diva this morning.  Somewhere, she has tangled with someone's hoof on the left side of her face, and also has a slice along the front of her face above her nose.  She's obviously ended up on the wrong end of  Scarlett's hoof, who seems to be her nemesis.  The other horses tend to leave well enough alone. But, Scarlett has a temper, and she's got a jealous streak, so I suspect she's behind the hoof print.  It lies along the ridge of bone just under her eye on the left. I'm hoping that its not permanent damage. That kind of weight hitting me in the face would definitely make me permanently out of the game!!!  She seems to be ok, although she's obviously not wanting to have the area touched.  Hopefully, I'll not see further problems. But, it scared me to see it.... I'm hoping her head is harder than mine would be !!!....

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Comanche' Needs a Bath!!!

You know, there's only one thing wrong with having a silvery colored horse..... its that, when she gets down and rolls in the mud created by the snow and rain we have had lately, when she gets back up, she's not silver anymore..... instead, she looks like a brassy coin...not a shiny new dime.    Brushing isn't going to take that color off.   I've heard, that in Britain.... and I suppose, elsewhere in that general area of the world... that grooms do something with hot water and rags.... swabbing down a small area at a time, to clean up horses in the winter, after riding.  I've considered that... but, the proximity of hot water and my horse are not close enough to try it.  So, it looks as if she's going to be dirty until a good rain comes along.... or spring shows up, and a warm enough day.  Maybe, even, summer....... oh well......  she still looks good to me.......  (yes, I'm prejudiced towards my little girl)..... LOL.........

Monday, February 8, 2010

Love is in the Air!!!

Today, I sat and watched as my little girl, Comanche', exhibited very wanton behavior..... she and her friend....a dainty Egyptian arabian, were both standing with their heads down and up close, to the gelding in the next enclosure.  They were all having very naughty thoughts apparently, but, they had missed one important element of the situation........ Yes... he was a gelding.  That didn't occur to the two frisky females.  Nor, obviously, to him.  He stood there and loved every minute of the attention the two girls were giving him, since he was the only male in the area.  They would parade and twist their little selves around and gave him some provocative looks over their shoulders.  He got some close up views and lifted his head with that curled lip response.... engulfing their "essence" as it were..... he must still have fantasies in his head.... despite not being able to complete them in reality.  I'm just glad they aren't too closely stabled to the real deal stallion who lives on the property...... although, it would make for pretty babies...... I just laughed that my girl is such a hussy....... shameless, in fact!!!

Thursday, February 4, 2010


Where did my balmy weather go???????..... suddenly, it turned into dark clouds and snow!!!...  I was so shocked after I'd walked around the previous day, in my sweatshirt....plenty warm... but then, they say here, in New Mexico...wait 15 minutes and the weather will change.   Must be something to that saying..... did just that!!!....           I am still trying to keep up here at the library, without my trusty...or maybe, not so trusty, laptop.  I have been trying to find myself a new job, and believe me...its difficult without the computer. Having to go to the library is tough enough, with only an hour to use it, but, I have to watch my pennies these days.  Hopefully, there will be something to come up soon.  I found out, that my hard drive dying has made it impossible to retrieve my resume' even though I sent a copy to my aunt...but, she didn't open, its gone, since my hard drive is toast.  I will have to make a new one somehow, and that takes time.  I am hoping to use a friend's computer to do a new one.  All my previous copies on paper seem to have disappeared.  Strange how that happens.... just when you need it... the gremlins take it and hide it!!!....   Comanche' and her friends were out in the pasture today, so I went and gave her a few peppermints. Her buddy wanted one, but No....or should I say, Neigh...... it wasn't about to happen...  Comanche' wanted every one of the tasty treats.  I'll see y'all soon!!!... have a good one... Happy Trails!!!!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Oh Say Spring is on Its Way!!!!

Today was a beautiful, almost, "balmy" day, here in the Sandia valley ...... the horses decided to have a nice noonday siesta with the warm sun and blue skie hovering overhead.  I took Comanche' out of the pasture and ran her around in the roundpen for a while, just to see if she'd have any excitement in her, but, no....she was in a lazy mood.  So, I decided I would walk her around the property, and give a  bag of carrots and apple slices to her.  She got a little nervous, since we were on the far side of  the house and she couldn't see any of the horses she hangs with.  She tossed a few shrill squeals in the air, and was answered by someone over on the other side of the house.... but, she calmed down when she realized that they were still there, and Mom had a good grip on the lead rope. I even tied a knot in it!!!

Monday, February 1, 2010

Winter is going to be over soon!!!!

Wow!..I am really looking forward to the end of this cold weather...   I love to see the lavender here in the spring... beautiful pops of purple... everywhere it seems...  Comanche' likes the asters that grow wild around the round pen.... they are a tasty treat for a hungry always sort of horse.... must be like sweet tarts to them or something.... LOL... I like the pretty pictures they make next to the old posts of the fence.  I will try and see if I can post some soon that I took last spring and summer.  I am still at the library. I don't know if I can transfer from my sprint pics to this computer, since my hard drive is still in the shop.  Have a wonderful week everyone!!!!