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Monday, December 13, 2010

Phoenix Rising.......

Well...I've been here for about nine weeks now.  I've been trying to learn my way around in least on the west side... north end of the city.  I am gradually learning a little more about how to find my way around in a small area of about 3 streets.  I try to get out and drive around on days I have no work...and scout out the roads that connect to get me places quicker.  I hate the traffic here.  Its a constant battle to get through the sluggish freeway tangles.  I think the city grew larger than their road control plans... there should have been more freeways and not just a few loops.  When an accident happens...which is very frequently... all the traffic comes to a standstill.   And, you can't get off to get anywhere else if you have only one way to get to your destination.  I'm hoping to find a job out on the edges of town... so I miss all the traffic and concrete.  And, where I will be able to stable Comanche' and get to her quickly.  So, say prayers I find this....  I've been working hospice lately, and have met some really nice people... but, I am still searching for a permanent place to work...and hopefully, on a dayshift.  I am so not a night person.... but at the moment... I have to grit my teeth and try to stay awake all night.  I makes my head ache!!!........  My Comanche' girl has been being very good for Goody, our barn lady.  She tells me that Comanche' talks to her everyday.... LOL... she's trying to talk her into more peppermints, no doubt..!...

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