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Wednesday, March 31, 2010


This is a test post from flickr, a fancy photo sharing thing.


Well.. my foray into the world of Flickr is not working out.  I thought if I could transfer my pics to that medium, I'd be able to put my pics on my far, its not worked!!  Ok...give me a little more time to see what I can come up with....this is disappointing!!!  Nothing is working like it did before my hard drive breakdown...!  (Yes, I know I'm whining...)  ok.. I'll stop...


I thought I could load my picture of Comanche' like I used to do, before my laptop committed suicide, and killed the hard drive.  I am sorry, but the downloaded pic did not come up,  as planned.  I will now have to try and find out why it won't let me put my pics online.... I am not a computer person, really.... so, I am finding that my programs I had before are no longer there... I was told that they had saved my pics, so, I am looking for that...  but, I have Sprint... who saves my pics online... they will transfer to Facebook, supposedly, although lately, that is kind of a hit or miss, too....   I need a computer expert!!! to rescue me!!!    I promise,  as God is my witness!...(my version of Scarlett O'Hara).....   I will never be hungry again!.... Oh.. I mean,.... I will never be without pictures again!!!... If I can only find out what I need to fix, in order to upload to my blog!!!!....

But, MOM!!!... I know I can DRIVE!!!!

Recently, I decided to stop by the big dirt pasture area, and give Comanche' some peppermints and carrots... Being a bit lazy that day, I drove up to the pipe fence and fed her through the window.  Here is a picture of her trying to see how far she could stretch her neck into the car and search for more peppermints.  Don't you wonder what horses think about these noisy mechines we get in and out of?  Must make them think its a very strange wagon!    I also was invited to be a guest at a carriage club meeting, and dinner, by a friend of mine, Debbie V.   She's an outrider in the carriage club, and loves the friendship and the trailrides she gets to go on , as a result of being a member.  They go a lot to a wildlife reserve down near Socorro, New Mexico, about an hour and 20 minutes south of  Albuquerque.   Its a bird sanctuary, and has trails wide enough to drive horses on.  Its strictly enforced that you clean up after your horses, though, or you lose privileges of getting to go there.   This carriage club has made sure they inspect the grounds once they've been on a trailride there.  Many others are no longer welcomed.  Its getting harder for horsepeople to find trails in many places.  Expanding towns and construction, are limiting our riding areas.  Many of the state parks are also limiting horses, although they seem to let fourwheelers use the trails.  This seems a little weird to me.  Horses don't seem to bother the landscape as much as the motorized vehicles do.  But, even so, you just have to deal.....  at any rate..... spring is on its way!!!... Yea!!!!....   My honeysuckle is beginning to get nice green leaves on its woody vines, that hang over my courtyard adobe wall.... birds are beginning to sing.... my cats, Sister Sara, and Sweet Sage... are trying to figure out how to get them to come closer to their windowsills..... Have a wonderful weekend !!!  Shadow D.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Hot Diggity!!!!!

I have my laptop fixed AT LAST!!!  Oh, I am so tickled!!!   I can finally get back to my blog, and hopefully, get my pictures uploaded onto here, now that I don't have to use the library!!!... Can you see me do my little Happy Dance????....... Oh, JOY!!!   Ok, I am hoping people haven't forgotten me since my hard drive's death.  Now that I'm back in the land of the living, hopefully, there will be some interest in my pics of my darling Comanche' and her friends.   I'm hoping that the weather will make up its mind at last, to become spring..... although today, was a bit of a weird day.  It started with a few flakes of snow that quickly turned into small balls of hail.  The ground was quickly covered with the stuff, so that the dirt was covered in white.  Then, it stopped. Its weird weather all right.  This afternoon, the weather is warm enough for just a light jacket if you are outdoors.   So, I'm hoping we are  heading for beautiful spring flowers, and no more snow!!!.... I'll post pics of Comanche' as soon as I can reboot all my programs. Hang in there!!... She's coming!!!..... Thanks for keeping me in your prayers, Y'all!!!......

Monday, March 8, 2010

What's a Girl to Do?

I've been trying to find a job.... I'm overqualified it seems. Keep finding jobs where I could easily do it... but the people who would be my bosses are not as experienced as me... quess what. They aren't interested then. I'm kind of bummed out at this , but what can I do?.... I keep praying.... God has never let me down so far... and I know He never will.  Keep me in your prayers Y'all!!!... Comanche' says she is praying for me, too, since she knows I have to supply her with peppermints. Not to mention board.   LOL... its good to be loved, isn't it?...even for the little things.....

Monday, March 1, 2010

Moving, moving, moving......

I haven't been online for a few days now..   Not only am I trying to find a new job, and going to interviews, but I have been trying to help a friend who was moving into a new apartment over the weekend.  I think I hate packing up for someone else, as much as I do for my own self!!!....  There is so MUCH stuff!!!....  Truly... do we need ALL this???.....   Yeah,  we think so.... at least, here in America.  Frankly, I am beginning to think there is wisdom in SIMPLIFYING  your life.  Do I really NEED two dozen towels?... Surely, since I live alone, and usually use only 2, or at most, 3 towels to shower and shampoo my hair, and stand on one to keep the puddle from the floor... is it truly necessary to have more than, say, 6, or maybe 8 towels?  Do I really need six baking sheets, much less, when did I last bake cookies?  Or, two crockpots?  Now, I can understand how you may think a junk drawer is a life saver, if you really are in dire need of a gluestick, or a rubberband... and, it takes a Phillips head screwdriver and a flatbladded one to do simply household repairs. But, how many other things hide out in that drawer?  Mine is so full, I can hardly open the drawer, since things tend to expand when the drawer is opened, so it explodes out as I pull it open.  Yeah, and all the boxes of things I have moved around for years now.... heck, I have found boxes where the newspaper things were packed in showed a date from 7 or 8 years ago!...  My things have been in storage more than with me.... It is a bit like Christmas when you find stuff you'd not remembered owning.... LOL.... but, I am going to reform.  I promise..... Now if I can just find the time to unpack and get the stuff given away that I truly don't need.  Yep.  I want to simplifiy my life..... and my belongings...... being organized will give me more time to relax and  enjoy Comanche' too.  I'm still looking for her eggbutt snaffle that I know I've got SOMEWHERE!!!.....  PS.  Hang in there Y'all.  I'm hoping I will soon be able to get my pics back up online.  Say prayers. If I can get myself a new job, the first thing I will do is get myself a new hard drive.  My laptop will be so welcome. The library is good to use, but not like having your own.  I have been snapping new pics of Comanche' and her friends at the barn.  And I am looking forward to spring flowers, and blue skies.... Got to check out some of my friends plans for trailrides too!!!.   Its going to be lots of fun!!!....