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Monday, February 1, 2010

Winter is going to be over soon!!!!

Wow!..I am really looking forward to the end of this cold weather...   I love to see the lavender here in the spring... beautiful pops of purple... everywhere it seems...  Comanche' likes the asters that grow wild around the round pen.... they are a tasty treat for a hungry always sort of horse.... must be like sweet tarts to them or something.... LOL... I like the pretty pictures they make next to the old posts of the fence.  I will try and see if I can post some soon that I took last spring and summer.  I am still at the library. I don't know if I can transfer from my sprint pics to this computer, since my hard drive is still in the shop.  Have a wonderful week everyone!!!!


  1. Brrr! Winter's not over for us. NO, the groundhog saw his shadow and another 6 weeks of winter are in the works now.

    What area do you live that you've got such warm temps? Yes, we do need to get together sometime. I'd love to meet you and your lovely mare one day. Are you getting in any riding with all your warm weather.
    I've been riding once a week, but I don't know what dirt and grass look like anymore, because all of my rides are in the snow. lol!

    Talk to you soon!

  2. I've had some cold weather but not too bad until recently, this past week..I'm wanting it to be spring sooner than 6 weeks, Lisa!!!... If you are able to drive down to Corrales... you and I can do lunch or something... and you can meet my special girl...she's going to want peppermints for her lunch though...LOL...