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Thursday, February 4, 2010


Where did my balmy weather go???????..... suddenly, it turned into dark clouds and snow!!!...  I was so shocked after I'd walked around the previous day, in my sweatshirt....plenty warm... but then, they say here, in New Mexico...wait 15 minutes and the weather will change.   Must be something to that saying..... did just that!!!....           I am still trying to keep up here at the library, without my trusty...or maybe, not so trusty, laptop.  I have been trying to find myself a new job, and believe me...its difficult without the computer. Having to go to the library is tough enough, with only an hour to use it, but, I have to watch my pennies these days.  Hopefully, there will be something to come up soon.  I found out, that my hard drive dying has made it impossible to retrieve my resume' even though I sent a copy to my aunt...but, she didn't open, its gone, since my hard drive is toast.  I will have to make a new one somehow, and that takes time.  I am hoping to use a friend's computer to do a new one.  All my previous copies on paper seem to have disappeared.  Strange how that happens.... just when you need it... the gremlins take it and hide it!!!....   Comanche' and her friends were out in the pasture today, so I went and gave her a few peppermints. Her buddy wanted one, but No....or should I say, Neigh...... it wasn't about to happen...  Comanche' wanted every one of the tasty treats.  I'll see y'all soon!!!... have a good one... Happy Trails!!!!

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