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Monday, February 8, 2010

Love is in the Air!!!

Today, I sat and watched as my little girl, Comanche', exhibited very wanton behavior..... she and her friend....a dainty Egyptian arabian, were both standing with their heads down and up close, to the gelding in the next enclosure.  They were all having very naughty thoughts apparently, but, they had missed one important element of the situation........ Yes... he was a gelding.  That didn't occur to the two frisky females.  Nor, obviously, to him.  He stood there and loved every minute of the attention the two girls were giving him, since he was the only male in the area.  They would parade and twist their little selves around and gave him some provocative looks over their shoulders.  He got some close up views and lifted his head with that curled lip response.... engulfing their "essence" as it were..... he must still have fantasies in his head.... despite not being able to complete them in reality.  I'm just glad they aren't too closely stabled to the real deal stallion who lives on the property...... although, it would make for pretty babies...... I just laughed that my girl is such a hussy....... shameless, in fact!!!


  1. Bit early in the year for such blatant flirting, isn't it? lol

  2. Hmmmm, sounds like a menage a trois in the making. Good thing he's been gelded. lol.

  3. lol! So naughty!

    Those geldings can still 'do it', though. I caught one of the 3 geldings pastured with my mare, last summer, mounting my mare. Made me mad! And he must have been a little rough because he caused her to tear some small blood vessels and bleed during their little love making.
    Yeh, most geldings don't even try especially if they've been gelded early on and never experience breeding. But some still will.