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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Oh Say Spring is on Its Way!!!!

Today was a beautiful, almost, "balmy" day, here in the Sandia valley ...... the horses decided to have a nice noonday siesta with the warm sun and blue skie hovering overhead.  I took Comanche' out of the pasture and ran her around in the roundpen for a while, just to see if she'd have any excitement in her, but, no....she was in a lazy mood.  So, I decided I would walk her around the property, and give a  bag of carrots and apple slices to her.  She got a little nervous, since we were on the far side of  the house and she couldn't see any of the horses she hangs with.  She tossed a few shrill squeals in the air, and was answered by someone over on the other side of the house.... but, she calmed down when she realized that they were still there, and Mom had a good grip on the lead rope. I even tied a knot in it!!!


  1. I don't know about the weather. I was looking at MSN weather for the area and the next five days have snow or rain predicted, beginning with tonight.

  2. We have snow today, and I wanted to walk Max and play with him but it's too slippery. Make the most of the weather while it lasts!

  3. Silly girl. She's supposed to look to you for support, not her equine buddies. hehe!

    Ummm...balmy Spring days aren't up here above your Rio Grande Valley. Uh uh. We've got over a foot of snow on the ground right now and it still keeps falling!