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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Pasture treats.....

I just got back from the barn... I had no peppermints with, I gave Comanche' some oatmeal with brown sugar from one of those little packets...   I  keep things like that with me in the car, since I do a home nursing case and have to take something with me for breakfast or lunch.  Comanche' seemed to enjoy the brown sugar part, especially!!!.... I didn't enjoy my sticky fingers, though.... I had to keep Scarlett, the enforcer, from getting between me and my own diva girl... and that was a trial, to say the least...  but, we succeeded in finishing the packet...  My Comanche' is a wily keeping her from food!!!...

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  1. My horses like to eat all kinds of things. I give them boxed cereal, especially the little squares of mini wheats, peppermints, and even saltine crackers.