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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Comanche' Needs a Bath!!!

You know, there's only one thing wrong with having a silvery colored horse..... its that, when she gets down and rolls in the mud created by the snow and rain we have had lately, when she gets back up, she's not silver anymore..... instead, she looks like a brassy coin...not a shiny new dime.    Brushing isn't going to take that color off.   I've heard, that in Britain.... and I suppose, elsewhere in that general area of the world... that grooms do something with hot water and rags.... swabbing down a small area at a time, to clean up horses in the winter, after riding.  I've considered that... but, the proximity of hot water and my horse are not close enough to try it.  So, it looks as if she's going to be dirty until a good rain comes along.... or spring shows up, and a warm enough day.  Maybe, even, summer....... oh well......  she still looks good to me.......  (yes, I'm prejudiced towards my little girl)..... LOL.........


  1. Max's main occupation is to be as filthy as possible! The hot water and rag thing is for after you've clipped your horse. It takes the clipper lines away and any scurf and grease. I do it on Max when I clip him. At the moment his tail and feathers need a good wash, but I feel mean doing it when it's so cold.

  2. Something I've been thinking about in regards to buying a new horse. Baby Doll must have been protected by a layer of Teflon because even with her bright white chrome, she just never showed dirt. I hope my next horse will be the same in regards to dirt, even though my first priorty is safety, a good fit, sane, calm and sound. But who wants to ride a filthy stained horse around. lol!

    So, have you been getting out and doing any riding?