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Monday, February 15, 2010

Better today, than yesterday just takes a little time.  Comanche' seems a bit better today, although, you can see she is very wary of getting near Scarlett, and when I come up to the corral, she stands as close as she can but moves quickly to avoid the Scarlett lady... who wants to come between me and my little girl, always.  Such a jealous one!!... I am not always thrilled by this behavior of Scarlett's. But, she seems to have the attitude, that what Scarlett wants...Scarlett gets....   I just am glad Comanche's eye missed the worst of the hoof.  Just an inch or so more, and she'd have lost the eye, I suspect!...  It is quickly healing, and I'm really glad of that.  She's always been cautious of Scarlett, but its really more obvious today,  by the way she watches to see where big red Scarlett is in the pasture.  I'm grateful for those of you who asked about Comanche' ..... when your animal is hurt, you hurt too!!!... 

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