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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Its a beautiful blue sky day!!!

Well... when I went to bed last night, I was pretty sure that it wasn't going to snow, no matter what it had done earlier in the day. Here in New Mexico, they have a saying of "wait 15 minutes, and the weather will change"... which, truly seems to do that on occasion.  So, imagine my surprise, when I got up to open my wooden blinds and my back courtyard was covered with a light snow!!!... It sat along the tops of the adobe brick walls that create the boundaries of my back garden from the rest of the property.  There was a delicate layer on the bare limbs of the trees outside the courtyard wall, and the ledges of my windows.  The decorative rocks that lay about the courtyard were white marshmellows in the early dawn....  Just enough to say that it had snowed...but not enough to slow me down.  Now, that's my kind of snow.  LOL... Hey, I wasn't born in the South for nothing, Honey.... God knew what He was doing, when he parked me in the South of relatively little snow, for most of my life!!!...  I lived in Idaho for a winter, some years ago, and believe me... I was not a happy camper to have to pump gasoline into my car in all that fluffy stuff...and, especially disconcerting, was settling back into the car seat, only to realize that some of the snow had gotten into my seat, and melted (!!!).  Oh... I was just not happy with that!... Having a wet behind, was not my best way to start the day!....   But, I was entertaining...  I carried a bright neon green feather duster to get the snow off my windshield....  LOL.... Hey, we Southern girls know how to do things with STYLE!!!....   The snow there was very light powder... probably wouldn't work here in New Mexico, but it did in Idaho...  Have a great day, Y'all!!!!... Comanche' sends her best wishes!!!....  

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  1. I know that powder in Idaho you are talking's great. We are from Washington and our snow is wet and icy, you have to chisel it off! You enjoy!