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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Sometimes You're the Windshield, and Sometimes You are the Bug!!!

Well.. I went by to see my little diva this morning.  Somewhere, she has tangled with someone's hoof on the left side of her face, and also has a slice along the front of her face above her nose.  She's obviously ended up on the wrong end of  Scarlett's hoof, who seems to be her nemesis.  The other horses tend to leave well enough alone. But, Scarlett has a temper, and she's got a jealous streak, so I suspect she's behind the hoof print.  It lies along the ridge of bone just under her eye on the left. I'm hoping that its not permanent damage. That kind of weight hitting me in the face would definitely make me permanently out of the game!!!  She seems to be ok, although she's obviously not wanting to have the area touched.  Hopefully, I'll not see further problems. But, it scared me to see it.... I'm hoping her head is harder than mine would be !!!....


  1. Hope she heals soon and the two girls manage to keep the peace

  2. Oh dear, poor thing, mares can be so nasty to each other at times, can't they? I do hope she gets better soon, and thank goodness it wasn't her actual eye. Did you just clean it up?

  3. Poor girl. Horses can sometimes be so nasty to Hope she heals quickly.


    ps I got your comment about the gelding who might be for sale. Send me an e-mail and let me know some more details, please? twinville2 at yahoo dot com