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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Winter is still in the Picture....Drat !!!

Yeah, I'm kind of bummed out right now, especially with the weather.... it just seems its dragging its heels this year and staying cooler than I would like.  The horses do seem to be getting a little lighter in their coats, I suspect that the weather is maybe getting faintly warmer, by such tiny degrees that I cannot sense it, but they do.  I also know, that their bodies run on some sort of light sensing.... which lets their internal systems begin to either grow a winter coat, or lose it.  Our bodies really don't do that, other than people who have some kind of   "SAD" depression created by the lack of vitamin D, in sunlight.  Lately, the doctors who determine what our levels of vitamins , have decided that Vitamin D is even more important to us than previously thought. Our horses also need vitamins, either in the form of food, or as supplements like a salt block or mineral block.  Being outdoors as much as possible in real sunlight is good for all of us, human and horse.  Hope you get started early on your tan this year!!!.....

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