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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Yeah!!!! I finally got one Picture up...

Now, all I have to do, is figure out just how I did it!!!.... LOL... I now have Cooliris...Flickr, Sprint pics....and still haven't figured out where my pics I download to my computer are going, so.... I'm lucky to have found this one... just not sure how I got to that point, yet.  But, I persevere!!!....  I'm hoping I can figure it out and put up lots of pics of Comanche' and her friends at the barn.   I have a new synthetic saddle....  Its a Circle Y, black and shiny.  I love it.  Comanche' will look like a fashion plate in it.  She has those wonderful wide black stripes and white hooves... that I call her HIGH fashion feet.  Once she gets all washed up after this cool, and generally muddy weather we have had this winter, its going to look really neat. Her current saddle blanket is tan and black stripes with white.  Its very color coordinated to her own coloring.  She has a black headstall as well.  Me, I'm just in regular jeans. The perpetual deal that the horse gets all the goodies.  Me... I like jeans best.  But I am thinking of getting some black ones to ride in, so I'll match up with her!  LOL...  providing the wind finally stops trying to push us off the map!!!.   I've hardly been able to stand up, outside, some days!!!


  1. Oh dear, where is the picture?? :) Your new saddle sounds great! Can't wait to see and here how you like it. Are you going to do any trail riding this spring?

  2. I know what you mean, I'm quite colour co-ordinated when I ride. I do think it makes a good impression when people see you though, I don't think it hurts to make an effort. I love the saddle cloths you guys use. I got one for Max once, but he was frightened of it!