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Monday, April 26, 2010

Gone with the Wind...................

Well, I'm not Scarlett....although we do have Miss Scarlett, at the barn.  But, I've definitely been feeling "GONE with the Wind".... since it has nearly knocked me down the past few days. Will this ever stop?....  makes me wonder, at the moment.  I'm really itching to try out my new saddle, riding in the round pen and the arena.  But, my contact lenses and the wind do not play well together.  Today, even Comanche' had dirt in her eye.  I can generally get her to stand real still so I can get her eyes wiped off, but, it was really bugging her, and she got tired that I couldn't get the junk out, so she kept walking off... but, I finally got the dirt or eyelash out.  But, she's a lot more patient than most horses would be.  She's smart enough to know I'm trying to make her feel better. She likes to have the crusty dirt washed off her nostrils too, and stands still while I do that for her, almost falling asleep.  LOL... "How do you get your horse to nap?"   Generally, grooming her makes her sleepy, too!  I imagine its like when I go to a beauty salon, and someone washes my hair.  If the stylist is good, they scrub your head and it basically makes me turn into melted relaxes me so much!!! 

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