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Monday, April 5, 2010


I read with sorrow in my heart, the post from Ponygirlridesagain... that she is leaving the world of blogging...maybe forever... or at least an indefinite time... She inspired this blog of mine.  I am so sad she's not going to be there to keep up with...  I will truly miss her and her stories and pics!!!....   I am in the meantime, still trying to sort out how to get my current pics back online...  I have a Flickr account...that if I can sort out how to get pics from spot A to spot B.... I will manage to once again, show my Comanche' girl and her kitty sisters to y'all!....   Anyone who knows how to do it....let me know, OK?  send me directions!!!...  I'm am such a computer dork....that's a direct opposite of a computer nerd.   I need instructions!!!... OBVIOUSLY!!!...   At any rate...  I am hoping that Ponygirl will keep in touch with us....  frequently!!!..... Happy Trails, my friend!!!  Thank you for all your thoughts and stories... 

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  1. I wish I could help, but i don't use Flicker for mine... Yes, we will all miss Ponygirls wonderful blog. I'm fortunate that i will be in touch with her as she is a cousin, but her pictures and stories were so inspirational to us!