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Saturday, April 24, 2010

I thought Spring had Sprung!!!!.....(maybe I'm confused?)

Well... we had a few days of really wonderful warm weather.  I finally took my indoor plants out to my screened in room that acts as my outdoor livingroom in warm weather.   But, the past two days have made me reconsider my previous assumptions.  It snowed in the East Mountains the other night.... and it has been chilly and very windy since then, here in the Albuquerque valley.  I felt sorry for the horsie girl..... all that sand blowing around and getting in the eyes.  Not fun.  I went by the barn and saw that the horses were basically standing still with their tails to the wind.   I've spent just a few minutes out in that wind, myself.  Its enough to blow me down!!!  Comanche' weighs a bit more and has a bigger center of gravity than I do, so it hasn't affected her balance.  I will just wait until it gets a little calmer for me to get out and work with her.... but, she loves to see me come up to the fence with treats of apple and carrots. 

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