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Monday, April 26, 2010

I've been Spotted!!!!

I've been spotted..!!!   Comanche' spotted me, if you will look at the last two pictures...from across the pasture, and started walking towards me, in what I call her "hey, Girl" attitude, sort of walk.... Its just a tiny bit of a hurried ambulation.  LOL...  it means, that when she sees me...she assumes I will have some kind of treat for her.  Being the hungry creature she ALWAYS is.... generally, she's right.  I loved the pics though, which kind of turned out funnier than I expected as she walked up to me and the fence... Look at the last pic I am posting... she winked at me, as if to say... "If I wink at you, will you give me a peppermint???"... LOL... I loved it!!

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  1. My horses see me when I'm inside my house! Always looking for food, they are.