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Friday, April 9, 2010

What are Our Instructions for the Day????

My two kitty girls, Sweet Sage, and Sister Sarah.... seemed to look up as if asking for instructions.  They love to watch the birds out the window, or watch the Dreamcatcher spin in the wind.  I've been trying to get my little courtyard ready to plant flowers once the weather decides to stop surprising us with cold days after some nice warm ones.  I've got some plans to put up a few birdhouses.  I recently saw a great garden decoration that was a humongous birdhouse, at a little antiquey sort of place in Alameda.  It could have been a doghouse, actually, since it was so large.  It truly was just too cute!!!  I'm not much of a builder... my tools consist of a few screwdrivers and a small hammer.  But, I'm good to go for putting up some ready made bird houses and feeders.  The kitty girls try to help, by supervising!

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