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Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Oh, I am so excited that I have my new saddle.  I had an Abeyta  synthetic saddle that I bought several years ago, but the seat is probably 15 inches.  And as Orie, my trainer told me one day... "you either need to get a bigger saddle or a smaller butt"... LOL... Like I really NEEDED to hear that????..... So, now... I have a bigger saddle ...its a very roomy 17, I think I'll be comfy and since its lightweight, I don't think Comanche' will mind it too much.   I am hoping I can get in some trailrides this coming summer.  I do  have  access to the dirt trails along the canals in Corrales.  They go from one end of Corrales to the other, which is about 7 or 8 miles, plus there are lots of dirt roads that make up the side roads that have homes on them... so there's a lot of places to ride, without being out in traffic.  But, I am hoping that I can manage to get Comanche' down to some of the Socorro trailrides, if things work out.  Edgewood is also close by, within 40 miles, and my friend, Debbie, lives out there.  She has several horses and rides close to home out in some beautiful areas, without having to transport her horses.  I think Lisa, from Laughing Orca Ranch, is not too far away, either.  I'm going to start working Comanche' out  in the round pen, so she'll be conditioned to carry me... and , while I'm at it... I'm going to try and find that smaller butt, that Orie suggested...... (either  that, or find me some duck tape for someone's mouth....LOL).


  1. Personally, I'd go with the duck tape. lol!

    Great to read about your new saddle. Is it another Abetta? So far I'm loving my Abetta....very comfy and I can lift it with one hand. yay!
    Sure hope it works out where we can ride together this summer. That would be awesome!


  2. Cool you got a saddle that is more comfy for you. It would be awesome if you and Lisa could do a ride! You'd have the most colorful ponies on the trail. I can see the pictures now!! ;)

  3. 15 inches is small for a saddle, I think, that would fit a child on a pony, so if your butt has been sitting in that quite happily, you should be very proud! Max takes a 17 inch saddle and he is only 14.2hh (148cm). I am so looking forward to the summer, aren't you?

  4. I am looking forward to summer... If I can just get Comanche' to not be so "I want to be the Diva"... I will enjoy riding with someone. She seems to have some definite likes and dislikes for certain horses. I have noticed that if Scarlett jumps at her...she herself, then turns to chase off one of the other horses... Is this the kick the dog, who bites the cat, who chases the mouse???? I would like to get a chance to ride out in the Tijeras area, with Lisa. And, Autumn... I managed to ride in the 15 inch, but, I am sure this bigger saddle will be more comfy!!!.... Ponygirl...I sure miss your wonderful pictures!!!