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Friday, April 30, 2010

Hospitality is a Wonderful Thing!!!

I have a friend who lives out near Sadillo Hill area, heading towards Edgewood, New Mexico.  I called her up yesterday, and she was feeling kind of down.  We have both had a lot of disappointments this past year in finding work.  So, I told her... I'll drive out and we will go off to dinner somewhere.   Well, we did just that!!.. had a good time, having a wonderful pizza at the Pizza Barn.  They have kerokee there on Thursday nights...and it was kind of fun, with little kids singing Twinkle Twinkle, and the older kids (at least, the fourty to 60 year olds) singing (???) their version of Shania  love songs, according to Carrie Underwood...  LOL... But, it let us laugh...and stuff ourselves with pepperoni, ham, black olives, mushrooms and green chili for about 18 dollars.   Then, we finally wound up back at her house... fed her three horse childrens.. or chillins as we are sometimes known to call kids of any sort... where I come from in the South.   We about froze our little behinds off , out there in the cold and wind.  Yes... it suddenly came up cold again.  I had to be out in the Cedar Crest area this morning, so she asked if it wouldn't be better to just stay in her guest room for the night as I had to be up so early, and we had spent enough time that Cinderella would have been running home from the ball at that point.  So, I did... She found me some jammies to sleep in and some nice warm covers... and when I woke up this morning, the ground outside the guest room window, was covered in SNOW!!!    I am telling you, now... this is after I had admired her pretty lilacs and forsythia bushes, prior to going out for the pizza yesterday!!!  This weather is totally so weird!!!....  There is a tack "flea market" in Edgewood, N. M. in the morning, which we are planning to go to ... I am hoping I can sell my old light weight Abetta that my trainer once told me I should either get a bigger saddle or a smaller butt.... Thanks a lot there, Ori... LOL....  Maybe someone else will want it... I hope so...  it would make me feel its getting some use... and making someone's day a little  brighter to be able to ride in it....  Have a great tomorrow, Y'all!!!


  1. That sounds like a really great day! And a great friend. You should post a picture of your saddle, maybe it would sell on here? I've never heard the term "Abetta" before...but that's not surprising, I'm a newbie.

  2. You were in my neighborhood! Maybe next time we can meet up too.