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Saturday, January 2, 2010

This is the second day of the rest of 2010.....

The holidays are over.....the eggnog is gone until next year, unless you are one of the few to get the last in the grocery store.. and yet... soon, it will be VALENTINES DAY!!!!............. gee, I think, shortly after THAT, is ST.Patrick's Day.. and then, isn't it Mother's Day/Father's Day... Fourth of July?........ Has it occurred to anyone but me, that this is really some kind of subversive plan by the merchants to drum up business?..  I'd already begun seeing the heart stuff go up on shelves the day after Christmas.  I think I am worn out with the entire celebration mood....... I want to know...where is HORSE DAY????.... Now, I might be able to wrangle up some enthusiasm for that little celebration.... I could make HORSE cookies for my Comanche' and add some chopped up peppermint, naturally, since she's so particularly fond of those... But, if you think about it...some of the recipes are fit for human consumption also, so I would make mine without peppermint.  Its not one of my favorites..which is why Comanche' gets to savor all her candy herself.  I don't begrudge her one bit.  But, I do like oatmeal cookies.  I could make her some little gift also, like decorations for her mane, maybe a little horse medicine bag to tie in her tail, putting some little items in that would aid her in her earth journey, to keep her safe, and her spirit horse happy. Come to think of it... I may celebrate that day with her anyhow............ just as soon as it gets a little warmer.  I'm a little chilly right now.


  1. Horse Day is a wonderful idea! We would need to have a collie and corgi day too just to keep the rest of my animal family from feeling left out.

  2. Max's birthday is 31st January, and I always buy him a little something. I will have owned him for six years by then, which is his gift to me.