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Monday, January 4, 2010

Aren't we glad they aren't carnivorous?

When you come right down to it..... isn't it a good thing that our horses are into grass and not into meat?.... I mean... look at the picture I caught of Scarlett, the Missouri foxtrotter, reaching for a bit of dried wildflower... I think I would really flinch at the thought of her mouth coming at me like that!!!  In fact, if I give her a horse treat, I'm very conscious of her mouth at my fingers.  My Comanche' is very careful to take her treats from my hand so I am not injured. Possibly, she knows that if that should ever happen, then the treats may also disappear?... LOL.. better not chance that, she thinks.  Truly, its probably not a good idea, according to the experts to hand feed your horse... but, with mine, once she chomps her peppermint or carrot, or apple slice up, then, she also always wants to reach out and lick my hand, to thank me for her wonderful treat.  And, even though its a bit sappy... I let her do it....... kind of  makes my whole day..............................

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