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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Laptops are a misnomer......

I found out that the word, a misnomer, when I took mine to the computer repair store.  The techie there informed me that its actually a "notebook" and to prevent damage to the delicate little parts involved in the hard drive, you must NOT assume that it can be sat on your lap, your bedcovers and or, pillows... tilted as you lay back against said pillows, etc.  .....  A bit of information a little late, I must report.  Now, it seems as if there is something rattling around inside my computer case....and its probably going to cost something that I would prefer not to have to pay....but, posting at Kinko's is getting expensive, and I am missing my daily fix of research online, for various interests.... and of course, reading the exploits of my fellow bloggers...  hopefully, once I get into the schedule.... who knew that a computer repair place would have a 3 or four day waiting period.... must be a lot of Laptops out there like me.....  and a steady supply of misnomered folks who have a broken notebook.......... ah alas.......we loved you well......   This techie also told me that if your repair is ever more than half of what a new one would cost, then, don't repair....get a new one...... nice to know someone has some real honesty in his work......   Comanche' is sunning out in the pasture today with the other mares at her stable...We had snow yesterday, but lightly on the west side of the Sandias.... the other side has about 6 inches at least...  Hope you all keep warm!!!!......  I bought firewood today to throw into my little kiva fireplace and last night I had a small fire with my antique rocker inched right up to the fireplace to enjoy the warmth.  Its tempting to roast a few marshmellows... I may try that tonight.  I have some spiced apple cider that I bought at Trader Joe's and its really good warmed up. Keeps your hands warm and your tummy as well.  The wind today is sharp....nearly blew my little knit tam off my head when I got out of the car a little while ago.   I will post some pics of Comanche' and her girlfriends in the pasture soon.  Hang in there!!!... Spring is coming soon!!!!......  

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