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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Snow Ice Cream...........................

I admit it..... I have been blog surfing... I love to read PonyGirlRidesAgain entries... there's always beautiful pictures.... making me wish I had a nice little Nikon camera myself.... and I like to visit LaughingOrcaRanch... to see just what those chickens are doing up there in Tijeras....plotting world domination, no doubt......  This morning... I saw that Lisa had made snow ice cream...... oh... I love that stuff!!!  My grandmother used to make it for me back home in Tennessee, when I was a kid... not that it happened often...because we seldom got snow in my area of Tennessee.... being right on the border of Georgia and Alabama...  but, it was a real treat, especially being so rare of one...    We didn't get enough snow here in the Albuquerque area... because, for some strange reason... it seldom snows on the west side of the Sandias.... but, it always hits the east side and Tijeras .  So, I envy the thought of snow ice cream this morning...  I do hope Y'all enjoy it!!!  I'm heading out to see Comanche'  in a bit... after I go do a few things that need doing. I finally have my own car back after it has been in a garage getting a new engine... now, I have to get that garage oily smell out of there.... I bought lavender smelly stuff to put in the dash... but, eventually.. I will have to shampoo the upholstery..and the carpet.  Oh well... spring cleaning will come early this year, as soon as its warm enough to dry quickly. Its a beautiful blue sky day here..... but still a bit chilly.  Maybe I can sneak up to Tijeras for a bit of snow.... and make my own ice cream.....


  1. Interesting about the ice cream, I will have to head on over to Lisa's to check it out! ;) Glad the car is up and running again. Hugs to Comanche and thanks for the kind words about my blogs and photos!!! :)

  2. Thanks for visiting my blog. I noticed you live in the big city. I'm on the other side of the mountain.
    Maybe one day we can meet up.

    Hey, you've been getting snows this year too. Maybe not as much, and it doesn't last as long, but you'll just have to scoop some up quick, before it melts. Or come out and visit, there's still plenty of snow in the shadows.