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Monday, January 4, 2010

Boarding at the Stable....

Pony Girl asked if I boarded Comanche' at a stable... Yes... she lives in Corrales....a very upscale area of New Mexico...on the edge of Albuquerque.... I live in a very nice area just down the road.. but, they will not allow horses here, even though I have about an acre which is horse fenced... I'm better off in one sense to board, as it lets me come and go as I need to... and still know, that Comanche' will be fed and watered on a regular schedule. She would hate to miss a meal... even a a few hours off... if I had to do it myself.  So, she has lots of other horses to talk to...and she'd be very unhappy alone.  I used to have her in the back of a place I leased several years ago, and she was very lonely without a companion.... at night, she would move up to the livingroom windows...and peer through the lace curtains to ask.."Why are you and that cat in the lit up barn, and I am out here in the dark alone?....  She'd watch TV thru the windows as well...  and  when she got sleepy, she'd back her behind up to the wall under the windows so I could watch her back, while she slept.  It was so sweet. But, she was always walking the edge of the property, because she could smell other horses up the road, but couldn't see them.  I loved having her close enough to see when I walked out of the house, but it was difficult for her. So, now, she lives at a stable that is very convenient for me.. that has a round pen, and an arena, and is right on the canals, where there is access for horses to be ridden on dirt paths.  It makes it easier on her that way.  Now, if my cowboy ever shows up..... things may change.... LOL.... but, I am not holding my breath in the meantime!!!

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