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Friday, May 7, 2010

Spring Shots!!!

Yesterday, our Stable Vet, Matt, came to give shots for West Nile and a couple of other vaccines, rolled into one shot, and to do a little equine dentistry, on some of the horses.  Comanche' will be having her toothies done in the fall.  We had a pretty good day, and things went smoothly.  Nothing like drunk horses.  Matt sedated the ones who had to have the file stuck up in their mouth.  So, several of them, stood like drunk sailors, up against the fence after getting their teeth filed.  We keep them without food or water for a while afterwards, just to ensure they don't get strangled.  I shedded out our good boy, Chief, and could have sworn there was another pony in his stall after I finished!  But, he looked so good when I was through!  He's in his 30's and getting a little rough looking, but, he's such a sweetheart!  He's the black and white paint I dressed up as an elf at Christmas.  There's a pic in the previous archive entries.   I just think he enjoyed getting the attention, and the shedding.  I bet it felt good.  Bless his heart!

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