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Monday, May 24, 2010

Fire in the Bosque!!!!

Last night, we had a fire in the "Bosque", which, is the woods surrounding the Rio Grande River...   Its not very far from the stables where Comanche' lives.  In fact, after I found out that a fire was in the area, and that the local fire department was recommending that folks with livestock, should evacuate their animals, since we had high winds, that was increasing the danger and the spread of the flames... I was heading out from my house and hurrying down to the barn to see what the plan would be for getting the horses to safety.  Thank goodness for horse people!!!...   Within minutes of my arrival, several pick up trucks arrived, with knowledgeable horse owners from the other end of Corrales, volunteering to help, should we need to load or lead, the horses from the barn.  Smoke was drifting to us, but due to the high winds, it wasn't too hard to breathe, although some of the horses seemed nervous, and kept trying to say..."Hey!.. there's a fire somewhere, people!"    Comanche' was pretty calm, in her corral.  I gave her some peppermints, so she'd think, "oh, all I smell is peppermint"..  and, we all (the people) stood around and decided to stay where we were, for the moment.  Some trips were made to check out the fire, by the stable's owner, on his ATV, so he could get past the police lines and we figured that the wind was mostly heading North, and not spreading West towards us, although the fire was about less than a half mile away.  It was very obvious that the dry sagebrush and the cottonwood trees along the drainage canals, were in flames, as you could smell the sagebrush.  Several of the homes along Corrales Road had flames up into their yards.  Last night, it wasn't known if there was any homes lost.  Hopefully, not, and hopefully, the fire has been completely contained this morning.  I'm sure they will have to watch for latent embers, and the wind is still very strong this morning.  But, as of last night, our horses stayed in their familiar stalls, and corrals.  But, it was really good that we know there is help available, even without the asking, should we ever require it.  Nice to know folks like that!!!... Thanks a lot, Y'all!!!

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  1. Wow! I had no idea. Looks like I need to watch the news more often. I'm glad the horses were ok and I hope noone got hurt or had any damage to their homes.