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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Chips, Cracks and Things that Go Bang in the Night!!!

Ok..... so I'm taking some literary license here, with the title of this post....   However, if you look at the previous picture... you will see a "Crack".  Our ground here is mostly a fine sand, or pulverized rock, and its very drying to the hoof wall, and frog of the horse's foot.  Now, I've been told that a good thing to use is spray on "PAM"... the cooking oil.  Makes sense to me... but, I've been a negligent horse mom and haven't put anything on Comanche', as I can just imagine that sand  crusting to her hoof and looking like a big Mac stuck to the end of her ankles.  Not an appealing sight.   But, I can see it working, as long as your horse doesn't mind the hissing sound that accompanies the spraying of the PAM.   I do know it works in snow to keep the ice and snow from packing into your horse's foot.  So, its a good tip to remember.  I kind of think almost any oil would work, but I figure that olive oil would be the best to use.  It works for human nails to keep them nice, so why not horses hooves?... At any rate, the farrier was able to eradicate most of this chip from Comanche' with her trim she gets about every 6 weeks.  She's got pretty tough feet and seldom has any chips or cracks.   OH---- and the things that go bang in the night?.....  I try not to be around for those.... LOL..... as we say in the South...." I'm a bit Skeert!.... I go home before dark thirty.... Nighty night!!!

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