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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

My New Saddle Feels Pretty Good!

I got Comanche's new Circle Y saddle on her the other evening, and rode her around the arena.  I had a nylon roping rein that I'd gotten because I liked the colors of the woven threads and I like having only one rein to hold.  Split reins tend to separate with me...and I almost always drop one, leading to real problems for me to get the lost rein back in my posession....( did I forget to tell you that I am almost 59, come October...and can't manuver around like I did when I was 15?)   In fact,  I have to get up on Comanche' with a mounting block since I have ruined my knees over the years, picking up patients that were WAY too heavy) ....  At any rate, I hate to tie split reins together in a big knot.... so, I like roping reins, even though Ori, the trainer who has worked with Comanche', says they are dangerous.  I'm sure they can be, if you catch your foot in the loop.  However..... my reins are a little too short, for my taste.   So, now, I'm going to look for myself a set of black split reins to match my headstall I use on Comanche'.   I want some that are soft and pliable though.... Other than use, which I'm sure will make them so, how does anyone else make their reins softer and more flexible, when they first obtain them? Can you use saddle soap or a little Neet's foot oil?   Let me know, will you?

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