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Friday, May 28, 2010

Horses "SPOOK" at the Oddest Things!!!

Have you ever been riding your trusted steed.... and suddenly, said steed, shudders, possibly whirls...or jumps up and sideways... and there you are, hanging in midair...... if it took you by surprise and your reflexes were not quick enough....   and, then... you may see...  just what startled your horse?    Sometimes... it may be something truly serious, like say... a bear or mountain lion.. in which case, you don't blame your steed.  However, it may be a windmill over a tank of water in the distance, or a flapping piece of paper or plastic, or, maybe a llamah?   Yes, they are weird looking to most horses.  Maybe they think that its some deformed horse..and it frightens them into thinking they could also wind up looking like that, if they get too close!  Who knows?  Comanche' was in the round pen one day, with Ori, her trainer on-board, and she spotted the neighbors llamahs in the pasture next door.  She usually doesn't spook at anything...but she stopped and didn't want to pass close to that side of the round pen. Ori made her go by, and kept turning her back towards it over and over, until she finally figured out that it was more uncomfortable for  her to oppose Ori, than to just go ahead and get over the fear of the llamahs.  Now, she can be out there, in the round pen with me, and doesn't pay any attention to them.  Which is good for ME!!     On the other hand, I'm a little scared those things will spit on me..... so now, I"M  "spooked"!!!   .......LOL..... Have a great day, Y'all!!!!


  1. I have two llamas and they are very sweet. My horse Apache shares her hay with them and grazes in the pasture together.

    Bring Comanche over here to play with my llamas some day. It will be good for her :)

    I know what you mean about the crazy spooking. My previous horse Baby Doll did that to me on Christmas Eve a year ago and I still am not sure what she spooked at...snow maybe?
    I'll never know, but she did the 8 foot teleport sideways and I didn't go with her. In other words....she zigged and I zagged.

    And I'm still not 100% healed after that injury.


  2. Yes, I'm afraid Max used to do that all the time, but there are no mountain lions or bears here! He was convinced there was a wolf behind every hedge. Sometimes he would jump at leaves being the wrong way up. Some days he wouldn't spook at anything, you could never tell!