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Saturday, May 22, 2010

Comanche' loves her Food...and the Barn Guy.....

Hey... my babygirl is into her food...and, she waits for the first glimpse of that little John Deere minitractor that brings her hay to her every morning and evening.  If she could figure out how to get over the pipe fence of her corral, she'd have met up with her Barn Guy at the gate.  From the pic below, you can see how she's directing him to throw the hay into her black feeder trough.  It never stays there but a moment or two, before she tosses it out onto the ground, but, she does have some sense of decorum and manners.  So, into her "plate" it goes.....even if it does wind up on the ground.  I just laughed while I watched this little ritual she has with Mike, the Barn Guy.  He came to the Barn with just a little experience with horses, but ... he's gotten kind of fond of my girl.  He says she really listens to him, and seems to follow his directions better than the other horses.  He thinks she's very smart.  She certainly knows what side of the bread her butter is on... LOL.... Enjoy the pics!!!

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