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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Do Horses Get Bored???

You know, I do think that horses tend to get bored, especially if they have nothing to graze upon....  Here, in New Mexico, its difficult, if not impossible to find pasture.  We tend to have dirt in our "corrals and pastures"... making for some bored horses, that just stand around, for the most part.  Occasionally, they do seem to go a little crazy, and have horse races from one end of the pasture to the other.  At this time, generally the whole group indulges in a little wild horse behavior.  Its a wonder as to whether they decide to do this running around, as a group, or does one totally bored, but enterprising animal think "Let's stir things up a little here!!!"  and once someone is moving and off to the "races" as it were, everyone else gets into the spirit?  I love watching when they finally have the "crazies".... its just too cool!!!   And, they seem to be having a great time! 

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  1. Watch carefully! It is a 'practising survival' game. Every so often one horse will shout, 'Let's run about!' and all the others follow, but they mustn't overtake the one who started the game. It is truly fascinating to watch. My horses were definitely bored over the winter. I thought I was doing them a favour, giving them time off, but they couldn't wait for the better weather, to be ridden again, to be doing something.