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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

I think I've Fallen and I can't Get UP!!!

Boy, the wind has gotten to the point, that if you get out of your car, you'd better hang onto the door!!!  Its such a strong wind, that I've actually had a problem keeping my balance some of the time!....  Its a good thing that horses have a better center of balance, and four legs rather than two.... I was planning on taking some pics today of Comanche' and her new horsie neighbor in the next corral, who arrived several days ago, but... the wind was too much for me... after getting dirt blown into my mouth, I realized just why the old time cowboys wore scarves over their mouths.  Smart thinking.    I have a "wild rag" that's green silk, that I wear when I dress up for the SASS get togethers at Founder's Ranch, out in Edgewood, off South 14.  But, I didn't have it with me today.  I did stop and give my babygirl some carrots.  She scarfed those right up, and looked for more.  LOL...  Her and Bugs Bunny would give me a run for my money in carrots.  Stay tuned for some pics of the new neighbor pony, named "Flicka".   I should have better luck soon.  I expect the wind to die down.  Happy Trails Y'all!!!

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