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Friday, June 4, 2010

Ever Get the Munchies???

I feel sorry for our horses here in New Mexico.  Most of them do not have access to fresh grass.  The environment is just not made that way.  The closest thing to having grass to munch is the sagebrush that grows in abundance.  Especially in my courtyard.  Right now, its nice and tender and green.  I'm planning on pulling it up...since it can outgrow my spurts of energy in pulling it.... and I think I will take it to Comanche'..  She loves the almost dead version that surrounds the big dirt pasture where she spends her days, hanging out with the other horses... she waits for me to show up with carrots and apples and, naturally, her favorite, peppermints... But, I think I'll give her something new to look forward to...fresh sagebrush... I bet she'll love it.... !

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