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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Horses and Fly Masks.....

Comanche' has a fly mask that I did for her last year, that was embellished with a crown stitched on with Pony Beads, and an edging of beads along the top and bottom of the mask.  Now, I'm not sure how or why ....but, most of the beads seem to have been chomped upon ...not by Comanche'........seeing as though that would be hard for her to reach them, as the mask was on her face.... so, this year, I have decided to get her a less intensive sort of decorated mask.  Yes, she IS a diva....and therefore expects a special mask.... so the other horses know she's entitled.   This year's mask is golden netting... not silver.... I wanted this to kind of stand out so it will on top of her silver face.   It has black felt edges....right out of the box.  But.... I have figured that the flies drive her crazy around her nose and, I bought some heavy black fringe from the fabric shop...and I am going to sew it along the bottom of the mask, so it will shake and hopefully make the flies stay away from those sensitive areas.  I also went with the covered ears sort of mask this year. Those little midgie flies want to bother her ears....I don't think she will mind her ears covered.  I will finish it and take a pic.

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