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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Its a Holly Jolly Christmas!!!

Well... its almost Christmas....and here, in the Southwest...the illuminarias are being put up on top of all the flat top adobe roofs...or on the edges of the courtyard walls... I managed to find a little time to dress up as Santa...and Comanche' became my Elfie girl....  She loved dressing up and didn't even have a halter on, to make her stay still with the hat on her head.  LOL... she loves to dress up and be a girly girl.... and ham it up for the camera.  We are both hoping everyone will have a great holiday and a wonderful new year!!!!


  1. I truly don't think My Boy would tolerate me putting a Santa hat on his head! But I would like to try sometime. For now, I have to settle on using photo editing programs and fake hats, hee! Happy holidays!

  2. I fully plan to make my Great Dane wear antlers for a Christmas photo... thanks for sharing your horse-love story (via Pony Girl). It was very touching.

  3. Pony Girl.. I put the hat onto Comanche' without a halter...but, I used one with the other horses and tucked the edges under the sides, around their ears and under the halter at the top of the poll... they were all pretty accepting of it...although they wanted to eat the garland around their necks...LOL... that was a definite NO NO...!!!... I had the best time taking the pics...I think the horses even thought it was fun!